Top 5 New Apple iPhone Apps Of The Third Week – May 2014


when on earth an application is released, it always arrives on iOS platform first and then latter on Android and windows. It’s the perfection of iOS which gives developers a craze to give first preference to iOS for building applications. Last year has seen some great advancement in application development of iOS and all other platforms like up gradation to iOS 7, WP 8.1, etc. This rocking entry of 2014 also provided us with some brilliant stuff and as usual we have got some latest applications unleashed on this third week of May 2014. The top 5 best applications of 3rd week of May 2014 are glimpsed below:

Top 5 New Apple iPhone Apps Of The Third Week - May 2014

1. Notability: It’s the most fully featured and unique note taking app ever discovered on any platform. Instead of just taking text notes you can take audio recordings and images also. It has also got sketch pad by which you can drew new images, and other web clips, etc that you take from other sites. It houses loads of new fonts and line marking stuff like bullets, numberings, etc. It’s the most useful application highly recommended for students.

2. Snapchat: It’s a next generation, highly advanced chatting application which lets you take snapshots and videos, add a caption and send it to any friend you want. After they will react to your stuff those sent messages of yours will automatically disappear. It also enables you to do face to face video chatting if both of you are available simultaneously on snap chat. Snap chat servers rapidly delete your items after expiration but they cant prevent usage of image capturing features which might save your snapshots, etc.

3. Beats Music: It’s a new innovative music streaming application. Beats Music lets you always listen to the quality music with their best music experts hunting down every hit tracks and albums. It has got directory of over 20 million songs from all genres which you can listen by simply clicking on play or save it in your device for listening offline. If you are wandering what’s right music to listen our experts provide you with their tested music to make you feel good. It has also got face book, twitter integration and many more features.

4. Google sheets: After successful launch of Google docs its now turn for Google sheets to roll the iTunes. This application simply lets you create, open and edit spread sheets much more effectively than ever before. It has got an amazing feature which lets you work with your other mates on the same spreadsheet at the same time. It doesn’t need internet connection to get started and you can use it offline with ease. Its saves frequently every word you type.

5. Yik Yak: It is your local community application which lets know what your neighbour users are posting. It lets you connect with anyone in your area without any confirmation or sign up process. You can share news articles, jokes and any stuff you like with your community. The best content published in your community can be given up votes and updates by the other members. It’s a acts like a knot interwoven between community members.