Top 5 new Android Games for Fourth week – May 2014


Games are considered to be a biggest entertainment on any kind of smart phones. Android operating system is being used widely these days by being all most all smart phone developers. Every day new games are being launched updated for all android users. Every time you buy a new cell along with its all features you are very curious to ask the seller one question for sure i.e. hey which all games would come inbuilt in this smart phone and what all kind of games this smart phone would support?

Games are one of the biggest part of entertainment industry. In this article I would like to tell you about top 5 android games which being launched or updated in third week of April. All the android based game lovers should definitely check out our list of top 5.

Top 5 new Android Games Of The Fourth Week - May 2014

QuizUp: QuizUp game is developed by Plain Vanilla Games Corp – April 16, 2014. THIs is one of the best games developed recently in one to one trivia based concept. In my opinion a must download. This is the quiz game in with real time experience between two users all around the world. You can even challenge your friends or any person all over the world. It even has a chat option. The game have many various times if quiz like right from education to entertainment topics.

Fast Racing 3D: Fast Racing 3D is developed by Doodle Mobile Ltd-November 19, 2013 .This is one of best racing game for all android users, even the users with android version of 2.0 or above can enjoy this game perfectly. Here the 3d graphics works perfectly making it very interesting to play. The entire development of the game is made very professional, all the options of this game is quite user-friendly .The gaming experience is wonderful with lots of car to choose and upgrade them as you want and enjoy playing on various different tracks and levels.

Family Guy the Quest for Stuff: Family Guy The Quest for Stuff is developed by TinyCo – April 16, 2014. Whoa! The famous comedy adventurous TV series of all time Family Guy is back this time as game. For all the Family guy TV show fans this is a must download. This game is humours to play have same excellent graphics as the TV show. In this game once again Peter Griffin has accidentally destroyed Quahog and you as player have to save it by building it back.

The Walking Dead: Season One: The Walking Dead: Season One is developed by Telltale Games – April 16, 2014. The famous award-winning series TV show “The walking Dead” created by Robert Kirkman’s is now introduced As a Game. In this game you have to play as Lee Everet who is a convicted criminal and he is given a second chance in this universe to say people and protect them in the world of undead. This is an incredibly powerful game with emotionally engaging experience with great story telling.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape: FarmVille 2: Country Escape is developed by Zynga – April 23, 2014 is a family game. This is the sequel for all the lovers of the famous game Farmville and this time this game is brighter, better with lots of fun than its previous version and now it’s not just for Facebook anymore. This game gives you best Farmville experience on your cell phone. Here your aim is to build world’s best farm and earn out of it and keep on playing the game. You can even connect this game to our Facebook account one of the best feature. There are many multi-part quests giving you good experience. You have to craft, decorate, harvest nurture your farm and gardens and then explore and trade and build new farms and keep enjoying the game.


This is list of top 5 games of third week of April-2014. Each and every game is a must download. You should definitely try it and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. I guarantee you won’t regret it. Enjoy!