Top 5 new Android Games for July First Week 2014


This summer has thrown some authentic gaming vengeance for gamers. This year 2014 has already seen some trending games clocking around android Smartphone’s and much more exciting stuff is still being shredded off from the developers. The gaming quality and Smartphone processing capabilities are looking somewhat directly comparative to each other. So here we have banked some great gaming stuff you are going to love these games for Android.Here is our list of Android Games for first week of July 2014 Check them out:

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1. Angry Birds Epic: It’s no more the same old angry bird. The story line behind this epic is totally amazing. Here you got your own existence as a player and got a particular role to play in Piggy island. You have got loads of weapons and armors to play variety of campaigns. The graphics quality is most excellent among all the angry bird variants so far.

2. Band Stars: The best part of this game is its developers. Don’t be confused, actually this game has been developed recently by fruit ninja and jet-pack joy ride developer half brick. This game is a total music game where you have to choose your best band of 6 members out of 50 selections. Each member has got its own favourite genre and have to give its contribution in song or play solo. He can write, sing, use any instrument and do anything else. Mean while the energy level decreases which can be boosted up again by hot tub or drink which is actually like currency of this game.

3. World of Thingies: It’s a brand new unique puzzle game which allows you to play against your friends and against huge number of game addicts like you across the globe. It features a newly developed candy crush like interface to break and crush candies but hear you have to match animal faces and increase the pace of warhead monsters fighting with each other but the real fun in it is playing against real time players and it makes this game special.

4. Defense 39: This game provides you with the illusion of world war 2nd when Nazi’s attacked number of places. Before proceeding further let me tell you that this game is extremely addictive. Its targeting system is unique and much more enhanced version of tower defense. You have to fight on 10 different locations which are segregated into 70 missions along with three unique survival modes.

5. Rival Knights: This one tap screen game is very easy to play but very exciting too. You just need to tap to release the arrow when green light appears. Overall animation is beautiful. The appearance of your knight renovates when you change its device. All you need to do is take the perfect shots and knock down the rival of his horse and watch him being dragged. For every game you win, you earn gold which can be used to upgrade equipments and other stuff. You are really going to enjoy this.