Top 5 New Android Apps Of The Third Week – May 2014


The world’s largest app store Google play store is always been busy with some brand new applications arriving from developers all over the world. Even Google itself is developing applications at a fast rate now as they have developed Drop box gallery into an enhanced Carousel gallery which is a must have application for this month. In this third week of May 2014 loads of other great fresh applications have been developed out of which finest five are specified below.

Top 5 New Android Apps Of The Third Week - May 2014

1. This application is extremely indispensable for polyglots and worldwide travelers. It provides you complete language learning experience. Besides this you can discover many new words of your own language and the language you love. It supports almost all extensively used languages like English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Dutch, German, Greek, etc. You can also check meaning of stranger words on the app’s smart dictionary. It’s simply the best language learning app out there.

2. Carousel: Drop box’s new gallery application carousel has almost hit out the markets with its neat and clean features. It simply lets you save and share your photos from a single cloud organised through Carousel app so that you won’t have to get tangled with your photos all over the place. Carousel application has been developed to feel like an offline gallery in a single window so that you won’t feel this process too hectic and they have succeeded in it. You just need to replace your phone gallery with brand new Carousel gallery but it isn’t too easy for users so Google has got to try their luck in this.

3. Zee-box: This application is dedicated to TV movie lovers all over the world. It gives you complete information about TV shows, concerts and performances alongside you can chat with Face book and twitter also so that you don’t have to look at your Phone and listen to your TV. Besides this you can check out some extra stuff about you selected program by catching it from eBooks and links from special Wikipedia feature. It basically lets you see what you will surely miss on TV.

4. Yahoo Screen: It is also a full on entertainment application from Yahoo. You can stream your favorite SNL archives; you can watch The Colbert Report, comedy central’s ‘The daily show with John Stewart exclusively. You can also enjoy all the latest video clips from New York Times, The onion, etc.

5. Good-reads: Here’s good news for book lovers out there waiting for a decent reading applications. Finally their wait is over Good reads is a comprehensive book rewarding app with more than 300,000,000 book available and more than 8,500,000 users taking advantage. You can get your friends reviews about a book all over the world, meet new readers just like you getting energized with the power of books. You can use your shelves to quickly search a book you want to read, give status updates about page number of book you are currently reading. You will obviously love this best reading experience.