Top 5 new Android Apps for Second Week May 2014


Android is presently the biggest application building platform in the whole world. Its application store is getting contributions from new and old software developers which are resulting in amazing hybrid application development. Now developing applications for any website has been a new trend only because of easy to use Android platform. Thata��s why Android market is developing exponentially.

In this year 2014 some most interesting applications came out and currently in this 2nd week of May some incredible applications were developed and here we are going to share with you the top 5 new android applications. They are all worth trying not because we are saying, but because of their mind blowing and great features.

Top 5 new Android apps of the Second Week May 2014

1) Google Camera: Google has surprisingly released their new camera application this week. Ita��s an exotic camera application you would love to keep in your Smartphone. Its user interface is very attractive and designed with perfection. It will give you a 3D feel the moment you start it. After installing this application you will surely forget your inbuilt camera application. It has lot of modes to take picture the way you love to. It includes panorama mode for high resolution, Photo spheres will give you complete 360 views, and an interesting lens blur feature is also available. The only problem for most android users is that this application currently runs on Android version kitkat 4.4 and above only so others will have to update their Smartphonea��s or wait.

2) Javelin Browser: Ita��s time to move on. Ita��s time to change your default browser with this lovely new comer Javelin Browser. Ita��s the only browser which is 100% compatible with Android Smartphone. This is because this browser is latest browser so far which is integrated with AOSP core for smooth functioning on Android devices. It is super fast, light, easy to use web browser with interactive interface. It has got a very useful ad-blocking feature which will help you read articles without getting distracted. So just try it and buy it. The demos are free and after than charges are applicable.

3) Waze: If you are driving in a new city without proper information of routes or driving in accident prone areas, you dona��t need to worry Waze is there for you. It is a very wide-ranging navigation app basically for drivers. You can keep your Waze application open and join the network of drivers get information on the road reports. You can share various activities and accidents with the drivers worldwide and get benefited by the information shared by them. You can pick up your friends; find the nearby places you want to go like cheap LPG stores. You can simultaneously share your events on facebook and know which facebook friend of yours is driving the same route. It is simply fun + safety application.

4) Flipboard: After being loved by every iphone owner, this amazing application is now available on Android also. This application provides you with comprehensive news from all over the world. You just need to subscribe and get news related that stuff. It has got very nice reading facility. You can save articles for offline reading and read them through any application you like. You can also share events on facebook and twitter via this application.

5) Retrica: Ita��s an amazing photo editing application. It lets you do what none other photo shoot application can do. It has got 80 filters to apply on your photos. You can apply filters even if you havena��t taken a photo. You can create collages with it and it has got a timer which allows you to take multiple photos at your desired timings. It can also be used to take surprise photos. It has also got some other unique features like out of focus blur, photo booth, Retrica logo watermark, etc. You will simply love to use it.