Top 5 iPhone Games 1st week of February 2015


Since the whole mesh is freckled with numerous games coming out in bunches per day for iPhone’s, it has become a tough job to get hand on a perfect game whether it comes to RPS, action or puzzle genre. But we recognize that getting a good gaming food is very essential for eager gamers, so for tracking the best games which are out in this 1st week of February 2015, we have stirred the gaming points all over the web and extracted some epic games for you to play. The RPG’s released are the best ones updated from the older epic combat battle games. So, go set and go.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Top 5 iPhone Games 1st week of February 2015

Top 5 iPhone Games 1st week of February 2015

1. Game of war: Fire Age: Join this immensely strategic game ever, build and train your own troops, conquer the battles with your enemies. Join an alliance and chat with them to create your battle strategy. Chat with the people worldwide with multi language compatibility. Upgrade your buildings and walls to create a strong empire of your own. You can privately chat with single person or with the whole alliance at a time. Get stronger each day and be one among the best empires.

2. Lords and Knights: You will be provided with your own castle and knights but as the time passes on you will take control of the whole empire with your strategies. You can build and train your own knights and soldiers and wage war against other lords and conquer. Win wars, earn and upgrade your buildings and soldiers to become the mightiest. Join as an alliance with the other inmates and lead your group to victory. Get yourself transform into the medieval warfare atmosphere.

3. Electro Trains: As simple as addictive! All you need to do is be the guide to the approaching trains and lead them to the right path according to the colours. The blue red and green trains need to be run down the rails as far as possible without accident to win. Guide the trains through 6 different maps available. Get the honoured medals and top the leader boards. The controls are basic and simple, you just have to tap the screen to switch trains.

4. Space Warp: Sharpen your mind to play this game because it’s about saving the whole Earth from deadly universal threats. In this 2D arcade game you will have to switch Earth to any safer place but in the way you will have to face black holes, force fields, etc. Besides having fun, this game will enhance your planetary knowledge through its 60 levels, in 8 different zones, you can also compete against your friends through leader boards.

5. Vikings Journey: The road to Valhalla: It’s an adventurous RPG game where you have to play the role of Ragnar. Your role is to help Ragnar reach the heavens but it won’t be easy since the way is jammed by zombies. You will have to slaughter zombies in your way and get the loot. The more you loot, the more powerful you will become. With the loot, you will be able to upgrade your power as well as skill to get your mission done.