Top 5 iPhone Apps for 1st week of February 2016


As the New Year begins you really need to do away with the old apps in your phone and introduce a new set of apps for your iPhone device. The app developers have gone a mile a head to develop the most unique apps that you can ever imagine. The most recent apps of 2016 are designed using the latest technology making them the most eminent apps to own in this 2nd month of 2016. Determining the best app to install in your iPhone device should not be a major concern since here is a well-researched list of apps for your iPhone device.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 PlusPhone Apps for 1st week of February 2016


This is one of the latest and essential apps that you must have in the beginning of the year 2016. If you really love travelling a lot for fun or even business meetings then this is the app to own. This app provides for you essential details of the most amazing places you visit that is highly recommended by the locals. Ita��s one of the simplest apps to acquire since it is just downloaded from the iTunes store for free.

Movie Pulse.

This is one of the latest amazing apps for you to own in this 2nd month of the year. This app allows you to determine the rate at which your heart beats whenever you are watching a certain movie. It also allows you to save the titles of the movie in the app so as to determining the best trilling movie you have ever watched. This app does not only requires your iPhone device but also an apple watch. This is one of the best and highly rates apps that is why it has got a price tag of $ 2.99 in the iTunes store.


This is one of the best photo apps that enables you to make your image be blur so as to make it difficult for the viewers to use your interface. This is a photo editing app that has got unique features such as the tools for adding texts and censor effects. It also has got fun stickers eminent photo effects. This app also allows you to share your photos with friends on the social media platforms.

TeenSafe Manage.

This is a child device monitoring app that allows parents to control what their children are doing online or even with the technological device. This year 2016 comes with a lot of technological improvements and that is why you really need to make out an improvement in the way your children are interacting with the technological device. This app can block or allow access to the following features: iTunes, app store, facetime, camera and web browsers.

Keep My Secrets.

This is one of the amazing years that you really need to keep at bay your secrets form the annoying snoopers using this app. This app is more of a diary where you will be required to select the date and time in the calendar write their feelings and secrets. This app uses password protection to keep all of your secrets.