Top 5 iPhone Apps 1st week of February 2015


The universe of apps has ever since been expanding as proved by the Big Bang theory of universe. The ocean of applications is getting crammed at a tremendous speed leaving majority of users confused for what to choose and use. For eliminating that confusion, just like every week, we have analyzed the World Wide Web and bagged the best applications for you. These application are the latest releases for the 1st week of February 2015 and comprises of awesome productive as well as entertaining applications. So, leta��s explore these best masterpiece applications and have fun.

Apple iPhone 6

Top 5 iPhone Apps for 1st week of February

1. Gismeteo: Finding a good weather app for your iPhone is like finding a diamond in coal mine. However we are pretty sure that here comes your diamond, this application provides comprehensive weather updates per day and the results are updated on hourly basis to keep your updates precise. It gives the accurate timings for sunrise and sunset. With this application you can track whether of your desired location as well as whole global village. The designing of this application is specially made for iOS to camouflage as a native application with realistic weather background.

2. Libon: Being a new comer to the international calling and messaging service, Libon is offering 15 minutes free calling on joining with connectivity to 100+ countries. You can enjoy free messages as well as free calling with other Libon users so start inviting your circle and go all free. Its voice-mail service is highly upgraded and you can customize it in a time saving manner as well as beautifully. The calling rates are also very decent so ita��s the new age calling app you must try.

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3. VHX: Ita��s the best application for addicted movies and video lovers all over the world. With this application, you can easily stream all your favourite videos on the go just by logging in. Being precise this app acts as your video library keeps your favourite videos ready to be streamed anytime virtually. It is compatible with AirPlay, video syncing option is also available if you want to watch offline, and it has go wide social network connectivity which includes Twitter, Facebook, any emails as well as texts.

4. ARPhoto: This application is simply the stand out from the sea of photo editing apps over internet. It lets you add content to your photos which is directly generated by computer and that too in a realistic sense. That means you can put any 3D object in your photos and make them awesome. This app can make your photos really 3D to the human eyes, you can just ride the mighty lion; add the favourite stuff you wanted to be yours. Besides all this you can use this app to research on computer graphics and put it in great use thereafter.

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5. ProCam 2: When it comes to photo and video editing apps, no one seems pretty perfect on Smartphone and we have to move towards computer for completing the task. But with the release of this new app, the difference looks completely faded as it have got awesome comprehensive features to flaunt which includes its ability to zoom and pause videos to take perfect stills, compatibility to record 4K videos, introducing slow motion video capturing in the arena, also capable of introduction sound clip in the video. In case of photo editing, it flaunts features such as HDR, ability to set time over night mode option, option to change image quality in burst mode and much more features are waiting to be explored.