Top 5 iOS | iPhone 6 games for 4th week of August...

Top 5 iOS | iPhone 6 games for 4th week of August 2015

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Everyone loves to play games no matter he is old or young.Playing games is real fun.Which game to play or which game everyone else is playing is first question comes in our mind.We want to play good quality games.Often we have to go through lot of websites to get reviews about top rated and most downloaded games.Your struggle is over now.We bring top 5 games for iOS/iPhone August 2015 for you.Just download these five games and have Fun.We ranked these games on their popularity so if you disagree with us please let us know.

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Top 5 iOS | iPhone 6 games for 4th week of August 2015

Skill Wave :
Skill wave is a mobile strategy game.You have to avoid some obstacles and collect the powers.You have a yellow dot and you have to take it as longer as possible.A real addicting game with high quality music and graphics.It difficult to play so a real challenge for you.
• Size : 14.23MB
• iOS 6.0 or later

Fruit Attacks:
Fruit Attacks is an action-Puzzle game.In this game you have to shoot some alien fruits who want to destroy our planet.If you are good at aiming and shooting with accuracy then you are going to love this game.

• Size : 98.7MB
• iOS 7.0 or later

Zen Crazy Japan Style:
Zen Crazy Japan Style is an arcade game.In this game you train young Buddhist.You hit them when they Sleep.As Buddhi means to awaken so you have to hit young training Buddhists when they try to sleep.You enjoy a lot in this game.Your mental processing must be higher to play this game as lot of characters come in front of you and you have to hit only young Buddhists.
• Requirements:

• Size : 15.2MB
• iOS 7.0 or later

Red Game Without A Great Name:
Hanger World Red Game Without A Great Name is a puzzle game.You have to keep flying a bird with secret message through obstacles and pick powers and pick as much gears as possible for higher scores/clear the level.Lot of difficult obstacles come in your way.Safe the bird and get through 60 levels to reach a glorious end.Lot of people think this game is for pro gamer’s as it is difficult but case is different.You will love this game and it is not that difficult.
• Size : 99.3MB
• iOS 6.0 or later

It is dream of every gamer to earn money by playing games.If you are a pro gamer and you think you can win games no matter how hard your opponents are.Here we are going to discuss top rated latest game to play and earn real cash.

Tyga Kingin World Tour:

Tyga Kingin World Tour game is created on TV star Tyga.It is endless running game where you have to collect gold and bypass obstacles.You have to join online players to win real money.High quality graphics and new look makes this game perfect for every one.
• Requirements:

• Size : 62.2MB
• iOS 6.0 or later

Remarks: All these games are latest in market.We tried to gather all the information about these games but if you think something is missing or any improvements you can contact us.



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