Top 5 iOS games for iPhone in June 2015


Apple’s app store has been an incubator for some of the most unique and exciting iOS games ever released on mobile platforms. Numerous games have transcended from iOS to android because of its excellent UI, gaming experience, but some of the games remain exclusive to iOS even today. The games in the App store are well curated and designed. These games provide real gaming experience that can match only play stations and Xboxes. With an IPhone 6 plus, you could play these games for hours without even killing half of its battery. Let’s take a bite into this world of ios games and explore its top contenders.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Trivia Crack

Are you the quiz master around your friends? Do you want to improve your general knowledge? Or do you just want to have some fun. Well this App has it all; it’s one of the top ranking apps on the App store developed by Etermax. It pitches friends against friends on trivial combat to win over by points. It is one of the pioneer apps which provide support game play through your Apple watch.

FTL:Faster than Light

If you are into strategy gaming; there is no world in which you should be missing out on the action in FT. This game has topped the charts for years and is picked by the Editors at App Store. You pilot a spaceship within a galaxy tats filled with numerous challenges. It is definitely not as easy as we make it sound because the game involves numerous controls to man your spaceship along with attacks that can not only block your shields but also destroy planets.

NBA 2K15

NBA 2K franchise is back in 2015 with it’s near real world experience of one of the most entertaining and watched sports –basketball! This game is packed with sound tracks made by renowned artists. The gaming experience is unmatched by any other game in the mobile platform. The graphics, player animations, player models etc are well crafted and use quite less battery when compared to its counter parts.

Real Racing 3

Numerous games have leapt forward into new frameworks of graphic implementation and gaming. This racing game seems to have a clear edge over the others from the perspective of the true gamer. To believe what we are explaining you need to experience it. Real racing 3 is a resource intensive game that uses some of the most advanced graphics that allows implementation of realistic people, realistic cars and tracks for your racing passion round the clock.

Monument Valley

It is mellow, it is clean, and it is colourful. That’s just the start. This game is a visual game that manipulates the laws of geometrical physics. You have to guide the princess through the exploration of the valley of architecture that deceives you, every single time. Not only do you need brain, but also wild imagination that encompasses the wildest alterations in architecture and optical illusions.

This is just a small round-up of the top of the lines IOS games that have topped the charts consistently. Let us know in the comment section below of your opinions and your favourites.