Top 5 iOS Games for 3rd week of August 2015


In order for you to download the best games they are always located in the iTunes. It’s quite difficult to determine the latest games through app store in iTunes play though the games are always update now and then, but believe with this list you are going to find the perfect and best games. IPhone 6 is one of the awesome phones with amazing display to play games. Its operating system is very powerful to launch app games .It’s one phone for sure you won’t get bored .The top ten games this month are the one which are most impressive and enjoyable games to play in your android phones. You will actually have more thrilling and exciting opportunities to when playing this games. Have a quick view of our list to get the best game that suits you depending on your type of genre of the games. These games are:

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1. Warhammers Arcane Magic
This an action game that entails fighting it fantastic and thrilling battles. Having many levels and a lot of battles to conquer will give you an epic wonderful experience. This game is downloaded for $9.99 in the ITunes. That sounds relatively cheaper hence don’t miss out on this amazing game.

2. Mind the Arrow: Match The Dots
This is like a puzzle game where you have to match in the dots .The orientation of the arrows changes from time to time. You have to beat the clock when you are playing this game. This game has got high graphics that will enable you enjoy it when you play. It acquired for free in the iTunes

3. Angel Stone
This is a free game in the ITunes. Its set up is based on a world of demonic legions. Your mission is to protect mankind. This game has got beautiful graphics that will enable you play comfortable Its control tools are easy to manipulate making it easier for you to play the game.

4. Mechanosaur Hijacks the moon
This is one of the easiest games to learn but hard to master with intense graphics. This game basically involves protecting the moon from the asteroids to hit it. This game has got excellent graphics that will give you an impressive view. It’s among the best games that can be acquired for free in the iTunes .As for the month never get bored just download it and it will keep you engaged.

5. Guardian Sword
If you a greatest fan adventure and action games then this is the game to play. This game involves exploring new regions in form of levels. When you are equipped with various strategies of cheats then you can have more fun when playing this game. This is one of the game that is free to download in the ITunes .Hence this august never get bored keep yourself engage with the Guardian Sword game. It’s one of the easiest games to master because its controls options are easy and simple.