Top 5 iOS apps for 4th week of August 2015


The best competition is brought out at the end of each month and August was no exception. None of the best apps form the previous weeks maintained their momentum to feature in the list of the best apps of August. Ita��s interesting to note that the apps that made the list have been around for a while but are only now getting the recognition they deserve.Here are Top 5 iOS apps for 4th week of August 2015

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Top 5 iOS apps for 4th week of August 2015

1. FailPop
If you consider those little faux pas you make when globe-trotting all part of the fun of escaping your normal routine, but if you are not the type, FailPop wants to stop your gaffs with GIFs.All you have to do is tell the app where youa��re planning on going and it will give you pointers on how to greet people when you meet them, how to dress and your mannerism during diners. The instructions are inform of GIFs which saves you the time of having to read text on similar subjects.To honest, it needs more content but ita��s not a bad start. After all ita��s free.

2. SayWhat
If the lexicon of the Web confuses you, and you dona��t want to keep UrbanDictionary open all the time, then SayWhat will keep you dialed in to the language of the Web.Administered through the use of 10-second video clips, the meanings of words and their explanations available through the app can be looked up by recently uploaded.Voting for definitions is also possible, so that the most favorite is displayed at the top of the list for that word or phrase.

3. Periscope
Twittera��s Periscope live-streaming app for ios was updated with one not so minor improvementa�� the ability to block people silently.You could block people before, but then it blocked them in the whole stream, so then they knew they had been blocked and could use a different account to start viewing again.The trolls only see that comments are blocked and you can carry on with your podcasts in peace without worrying about mean comments.

4. Send
This is an app made by the people of Microsoft but is only available to ios.It makes emailing simpler by adopting instant messaging techniques. So with this app emails can be sent and received like an instant message. I dona��t see it getting simpler than that.Ita��s kind of having SMS with someone without needing to know their phone number. Thus you can get straight to the point without having to specify the subject like normal emails demand every time.The android and windows phone versions are yet to be released.

5. Dashlane
Dashlane allows you to change the password of multiple sites at the same time.It also works on the apple watch allowing you to change password with a few swipes of the finger.Android and windows users will have to wait a bit longer for the feature. But the company says the android version of Dashlane it will be available before end year.