Top 5 iOS Apps for 1st week of August 2015


iOS Apps are the main stay of iPhone. iOS apps are highly valued by the Apple Inc. as well iPhone users. One of the main reasons that people prefer iOS over Android is the quality of Apps that are given to them, Apple goes to great lengths to make sure that consumers get only the best. With a few apps been added daily to ever growing App store. We have gone through, found some for our viewers. Here are the Top 5 iOS Apps for the 1st week of August.

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Top 5 iOS Apps for the 1st week of August 2015

1. Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds was one of the biggest runaway hit mobile games of all time, and successfully launched across a whole range of platforms. Years later, its sequel has arrived for iOS and Android devices.It works pretty much the same as the first version, but now has improved graphics, multi-stage levels and you get to battle bosses – and of course in-app purchases for upgrades.
There are a lot of new birds, and you can actually select which best suites you to use for each level.

2. Pio

If you often use your smartphone as a Dictaphone, but hate trawling back through the recordings to find the bit you really need, then you’ll probably love Pio. What it does is, it makes it easy to find the exact part of the recording you need, by letting you to touch the screen while you record to mark a particular point. It’s free to use.But there is a but, if you want to be able to export your files, you’ll need to pay a one-time $1 fee.


This app lets you keep track of articles that you don’t have time for reading for whatever reason for later use. The ios version goes a notch higher and actually reads these articles for you. All you have to do is listen, it doesn’t get any simpler than that.Having said that, it’s worth to note that the android version has had this feature for some years now and it’s about time it was made available for iOS.

4. Feeday

If you spend more time at work using Instagram that doing some actual work, then this is the app for you.Available for iPhone and iPad, the app lets you get an at-a-glance look at the latest Instagram posts directly from your notifications.You can choose to view either three, six or nine tiles of posts, but if you want to opt for either six or 9 tiles choice, you’ll need to spend $0.99 as an in-app purchase. If you really love your Instagram then that’s a small price to pay.

5. Convo

July saw the introduction of a new version of the team collaboration tool Convo for the desktop, but it also heralded in the new iOS and Android apps for the platform.The new apps support third-party integration, with better mobile search and context based commenting. The iOS version also has Share Sheet support, which finally allowing you to share to Convo from other apps, as you had been able to do in the Android version for a while already…I know, about time right?