Top 5 Games iOS for June 2nd week 2015


Apple software and Gadget Company is known for its simplicity and quality design of its products. The uniqueness in the creation of its product has made it emerge as a top business firm worldwide against its competitors. Apple’s Operating System provides an enriched wide ground for a variety of amazing mobile games which vary in genres. The iOS is made up of appealing graphics and very sensitive touch screens which makes an iPhone a great gaming gadget. Whether it is a viral action game, story driven game or cerebral puzzler all are in there. Each variety for any interested player.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The LEGO Movie Video Game: Players of the game play the role of Emmet, who is a protagonist in the LEGO Movie. Emmet is supposed to go through a series of adventures to save the world. Emmet is not prepared for the mission; he is hopeless on its success. The game is made up 90 characters as viewed from the film. They include Batman, Superman, Green Ninja, Gandalf and many others. Emmet in the game is an ordinary citizen who is identified as the key to saving the world.


Is a multiplayer online battle arena It’s related to League of Legends and DOTA 2. It has attractive art graphics and a three-on-three team related actions. It is an impressive game for players who are longing for online player-versus-player combat. It’s a fun game, and it’s free on iTunes. The player is allowed to choose from a range of powerful fighting heroes who fight at lightning speed. The matches are scheduled for 20 minutes each.

Grand Theft Auto

San Andreas is a detailed game with incredible graphics. The game has numerous limitations, but it is worth playing for iPhone game lovers. It’s a recreation of the GTA: San Andreas which was first released on PCs. The game is about a story of Carl Johnson, who escaped from Los Santos. A city full of troubles like gangster life, drugs, and corruption. He goes home to find his mother murdered and childhood pals are falling into trouble. He embarks on a journey to save his family and control the rotten street.

Asphalt 8

Airborne is among the best car racing games on iPhone. It has catchy graphics that are incorporated with high-octane gameplay. The main focus of play is high-speed racing; the races are conducted in different exotic locations. The game provides a variety of options for the players to choose from being from complete stunts, boosts, automotive upgrades and many other features. It’s an enjoyable free-to-play racing expertise and among the best of iPhone games. The cars in the game are high-end luxury ones. Varying from Lamborghini to Bugatti Veyron and many others. The different locations for the races have plenty of hidden short-cuts, to help the players navigate quickly.

Kingdom Rush

Is a tower defence game that allows players to set and upgrade enemy-slaying towers. This is done by just a tap of the finger. The display is of a cartoonish origin, and it encompasses serious strategic depth. The player is supposed to use limited resources at disposal, to effectively enhance the arrow flinging and bomb tossing towers. This is for the purpose of protecting the player’s base. It’s an addictive game, full of humorous graphics with walkthroughs for stuck players. The players are exposed to a variety of places for combat. For instance, they are taken to the forest, mountains and wastelands. The player is exposed to different enemies with sophisticated fighting strategies like the evil wizards who use spells to fight, hordes of orcs and many others. An option for the recruitment of warriors is available. The player faces legendary monsters for the purpose of saving the kingdom from falling.