Top 5 games for Windows Phones in 1st week of July 2015


Windows operating system for mobile phones is gaining popularity very fast because of its features. There are many games for windows phones which have proved to be trendsetter. New and wonderful games are regularly being launched for the windows operating system. We have tried to select few games which are relatively new but still are getting popular very fast due to their mind blowing concept and features. Games range from basic, easy and addictive games to action and adventure games.

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Beast quest

Beast quest is a fine game which is offered by mini clips. Will good be able to trump evil. A true warrior can only save this cursed land from the beast unleashed by the evil wizard. It is an adventure game filled with mind blowing action. Warrior has to take on huge beasts in boss battles. Background is awesome with the story taking place in the icy hills and beautiful beaches. Beast quest is a free game but optional virtual items can be purchased. In app purchases can range from $0.99 to $24.99.

Hill Climb Transport 3D

Hill climb transport 3D checks your driving skills. User plays the role of a heavy truck driver in the game. Heavy loads can be big log of woods or large containers. To make the conditions more difficult stones may fall on your truck. Upgrades are given after delivering the goods without any damage to its destination. Overall game is nice combination of skill and fun.3D effects add realism to the game.

Happy train town

Happy train town is an exciting puzzle game .it has 120 levels and 4 different worlds. Person has to guide his train through volcanoes and forests to safety. Crashing the train will end the game. Game is fun as well as real exercise for brain. All these features make it a wonderful game. This game has size of 11 MB size.

Ski racer

This is an amazing game for people who love to do daring task on the snow. User has to complete his tasks while dealing with the fatal avalanches and save himself from the shaky bridges over the slopes. Player can be customized in the game. There are about 30 designs of slopes starting from easy to toughest in the game.

Slice fruit blast

This is a basic game which is easy to play and lots of fun. But that does not mean game is not interesting as it very much addictive. Three fruits of same kind have to be place in straight line, either horizontal or vertical, to make them explode. Some feature such as magic fruits, fruits frenzy and fruit bump makes the game more interesting. Game has nice graphics which looks good especially having so many delicious fruits in the background.