Top 5 games for Windows Phone in 3rd week July 2015


Windows operating system is very popular with the gamers now. The reason for this is that windows compatible games have edge over the other platforms in terms of quality and graphics. Earlier windows mobiles were preferred by professional persons but rise of some trend changing games have changed the whole scenario. We have tried to collect some new games on the windows platform which are not only unique in their concept but also is interesting to bind the gamer. Choices may differ as individuals have own preferences.

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Greedy candy match
If you like candies game then greedy candy match is a perfect game for you .This game is very simple unlike some other complex candy games. But being simpler doesn’t mean the game is boring as game is very much addictive and one can play it for hours .It is basically a match 3 puzzle game .if same color candy is shot at other candies will vanish. There are certain objective given for each level which have to be cleared to reach to the next level .Game is published by the roll ball and it is 29 MB in size

Monster car racing
Monster car racing is an amazing 3d game which gives realistic experience to the player. It is basically a transporter truck simulator game in which person has to drive a trailer truck. The goodness of the game lies in the realistic effects of the game be it the real-time collision and real environmental conditions in the game .All these features give wonderful experience to the gamer which not only increases the adrenaline in the blood but also gives a pleasant experience of driving heavy trailer truck .Game is 10mb in science size and it is published by the monster game

Free metal slug
Game revolves around the story in which the survival training camp is made at an unnamed island where peregrine falcon recruits have to complete their training with limited arms and resources. The twist in the story comes when the general mordens troops come to the island to create the new base .They capture the young recruits. Player takes the role of the recruit Walter Ryan or Tyra Elson. They have to rescue their colleagues as well as free the island from the wicked forces .Game is 16mb of size and is published by Met

Doodle jump DC
This is a funny game but with a very interesting concept. Game is about doodle the doodler who takes the role of the batman to fight against the evil forces of the penguin, Mr. Breeze and the joker. Effects of the games are very nice with the major villain erupting at every boss stage. Features like the Bat copter and a Bat jetpack makes the game funny and interesting .Crystals are to be collected to upgrade your gears which helps to catch the crook faster. Playing rules are simple, screen has to be tilted to turn left or right and if you tap the screen the doodle will jump. Game is 33 MB in size and is published by see all,

Free kodly fruit
This is a simple and basic game which is very much addictive. It is very simple to play the game which is also best part of the too. Player has to crush one or two fruits with the help of his fingers .Fruit juices will be seen all over the screen once the fruit is crushed. It is a simple game but it has more than 100 levels to clear. Bonuses are added as a surprise .overall it’s a nice game with very nice features .game is published by the doonsels India Gm .size of the game is 11mb which is good considering the quality of the game,