Top 5 Games for Smartwatch in 2nd week of November 2015


Smart watches are always are designed with the latest technology making them be compatible with the latest games .Despite the tiny size of their display game developers have gone ahead to design games with easier controls that can be played in the smart watches. Its processor and operating system is designed in a way that it can launch and run games in the most effective way. The game developers have designed several games for smart-watches and this makes it quite hectic and difficult to determine the best game for your watch. That is we come in handy with the top 5 latest and best games .Here are the top 5 games that you won’t miss out in this 2nd week of November.

android smartwatch

1. Wearable Chess.
Are you a chess fanatic? Then here is the best way to carry your chess board in your wrist. This game has got a resume play mode .This game has got also amazing play modes with such as the difficult level, play as black ,play online and multiplayer modes .This game has got amazing levels that makes it the most addictive games to play. This game is downloaded for free in the Google play store.

2. Deadly Spikes.
Here is another amazing adventure game for you to play in your smartwatch. Your main mission is to swipe on the screen to enable the bird bounce to and fro without touching the spikes .Whenever the bird touches the spike you actually lose. It is equipped with a voice command making it the most amazing apps to play in this 2nd week of November. This app is downloaded and played for free in the Google play store.

3. SPS: Football wearable edition.
This is an amazing app that allows you to football in your smartwatch. It’s equipped with amazing graphics which makes the game even more addictive to play. This game has got easier controls making it more interesting .This is one of the top paid apps in the Google play store with a price tag of $ 0.91. You are therefore required to purchases it before you download it in the Google play store.

4. Wear Rider.
If you love racing game then this is definitely a perfect game for you to play. Equipped with easier and perfect controls it’s one of the enjoying games to play in your smart watch. All you have to do is to tap left and right in order to move from one lane to another and tap the helmet to increase the speed. It has got incisive challenging levels for you to accomplish. This game is downloaded for free in the Google play store.

5. Solitaire wear.
This is a puzzle fan game that allows you to solve numerous puzzles during the game play. It has got amazing features that allows you even to random shuffle. Having the solitaire rules actually makes it one of the best games to play in this week of November.