Top 5 games for iPhone 5|6|6+ 3rd week of April 2015


Maybe you had more than enough Candy Crush and searching for some fun filled latest games to play on your iPhone devices.Our phonelane editors have chosen the best games that give you more fun and thrill. Here are the Top 5 games for iPhone 5|6|6+ for the third week of April 2015. These games vary from brain puzzles to no holds bar fighting. Have a looks at these games and let us know if we missed any exciting games this week

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Download 5 Games for Iphone 3rd week of April 2015

Snow Roll
Ita��s somewhat like the much popular ski game for old personal computers. Snow Roll casts you as a cute Penguin at the top of a ball of snow that is rolling down hill, moving zigzag and bending the curves and dodging the obstacles while collecting coins.
Ita��s a standard run a�?oa�� run game like the temple run in which the quest never ends until you beat your highest score, but graphics of 8-bit and the interesting story plot makes it a cool way to pass the time. It comes for free in the App Store.

Mr Jump
The Jump King does it right all the time. It takes the vital ideas to get from 1 to 100 of the game and adds smart obstacles and strange, almost eerie things to mix up the components.
Mr Jump is a block headed guy with no real face, moving a pretty basics landscape and jumping past the ravines from one land to another. Collecting tokens, upgrading the wardrobe, and breaking through new levels and navigation maps as you get well again and the game gets tougher. Mr Jump comes for free in the App Store.

Stan Leea��s Hero Command
Many people are eager to engage themselves in anything related to Stan Lee. In Hero Command, you take on missions passed down by the commanding creator himself while you run along a crew of real comic superstars, fight treacherous battles with super dynamite graphics and special effects-giving a cartoon touch.
All in all ita��s a fun filled adventurous game. Stan Leea��s Hero Command comes for free in the App Store.

TouchTone is one among the most cool fantasy games for the iPhone series at present. Ita��s more about decoding and seeking new patterns with a watch for red coloured flags. TouchTones comes with puzzles to break through in order to find the vital messages related to nations security. Ita��s fun thrilled challenge a more like propaganda, but if you can overcome those part then ita��s fun unlimited. Touchtone could be downloaded for $2.99 from the App Store.

Ita��s a game that makes you feel more like the summary of the Gogol story. Heartbeats is a small puzzling challenge which would take some time for you to crack it out. The games developers have surely put their best in the design- a series of eerie freaking doodles. The game has a story plot too, puzzles to solve. Each level leads to new task that will make you think differently. It is an eccentric game with an interesting concept. It surely can top the charts in no time. Heartbeats come for free in the App Store.