Top 5 Games For iOS | iPhone 6 for 4th Week October 2015


This being the last week of the mind you need to rejuvenate and refresh your mind. This can only be done by the simplest way that is playing your favourite genre of game. A hundred of games are being developed on daily basis and it’s quite difficult to determine which one is best for .That is why we come in handy with this well researched list of the top 5 best games for your iPhone device.

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

1. The Secret Order: Ancient Times
On top of our list is the Secret Order: Ancient time game which is an amazing game with fantasizing graphics which make the game be very addictive. This game has got various quest and missions such as stooping the artifact‘s creation and going through the old London town to the Griffins museum to save your father. During this adventure you will encounter various challenges which you must win to gain the bonuses. This game is downloaded for only $ 3.99 in iTunes .This is the top most paid game in this 4th week of October.
2. A Star Pins Casino Lucky Slots.
If you are a great fun of gamble, casino and slot games then here is a perfect game for you to play. In this game you have to beat the machine in the free casino slots .This game is equipped with retina graphics which are eye catching and give you the real experience of a casino. During the game play you will be able to earn various amazing bonuses and a prize box .This game is downloaded for free in the iTunes  store.
3. 2015 Christmas Match Wood Puzzle Game.
As the holiday approaches you need to start preparing on which game to play. That is why in this 4th week of October on our list of the top 5 games we have one of the latest holiday games for you. This is the 2015 Christmas Match Wood Puzzle. This is a brain teaser game where you are required to solve puzzle so as to advance on the stages and levels on the games. This game is equipped with HD graphics and special Christmas sound effects. This game is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.
4. A Super Casino Gambler Slots.
Here is another casino game equipped with awesome retina graphics and sound effects. In this game you have to spin in order to win by beating the machine .It has got fantastic bonuses during the game play with a real slot experience. Thus game is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.
5. Halloween: Trick or Treat 2.
The Halloween game closes our list. This is an adventure game that has got an amazing story line of a haunted hotel and museum. You main quest in the game is to find the hidden objects .This game has got amazing challenging puzzles which you have to win in order to find the hidden items. It has got fantastic graphics that are eye catching which makes the game be more addictive.