Top 5 Games For iOS | iPhone 6 for 3rd Week October 2015


This is one of the amazing week that needs to be kept engaged and in a laxative mood. This being the midweek of the month you ought to be tired and you need to rejuvenate your mind. This can be done only by playing the most engaging games in your phones. Games are being developed day and night and that is why we bring you the Top 5 games for iOS in these 3rd week of October. Whenever you are off from office work and school work here are the best game for you to play:

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

1. The PopInSea
This is an amazing puzzle game with unique levels to play. This game is equipped with amazing sound effect and eye-catching graphics and UI effects. This game basically involves tapping two or more blocks of the same color with no time limit. The more blocks you pop the more you get the scores and bonuses. This is a free game downloaded in the iTunes. You have to be very careful when playing this game in each step or else you might fail.
2. Game Bubbles
This is an amazing game for your child. It’s equipped with an interactive animal voice and real bubbles flying across the screen making it supercool to play. It has got easy controls making it very easy to master and play. This is a top paid game with only $1.99 you can buy it in the iTunes then download it. This is one of the latest puzzle game so far in the iTunes.

3. Beautiful 7: Campus Adventures
Here comes another perfect adventure game for you in this 3rd week of October. In this game you have to save 7 virgins from being sacrificed .The only way to save the, is by solving various puzzles which also unlocks video clips that reveals the plot. This game has got amazing graphics and sound effects. This is one of the top most games for you this 3rd week of October and therefore goes for $2.99 in the iTunes store.

4. Dragon Slash
This is another amazing game for you that comes with awesome graphics and excellent music on the background. This is an action game that requires you to fly your dragon to a mystical world and protect it from the dangerous predators .This game also allows you to challenge your friend in the social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter. This game is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.

5. Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion
If you are a hard core then this is the game that you won’t really miss out on playing .This is an action game with a 40000 universes where you are given a role as a space marine. This game is equipped with modern weapons and orks, dark elder, necrons to fight with and destroy them. This game is adapted from a book. This is one of the top paid games for you in this 3rd week of October. It’s bought for only $5.00 in the iTunes store