Top 5 Games For iOS | iPhone 6 for 1st Week September 2015


Whenever games are introduced into the market, they receive a huge fan base depending with their suitability, but later on the users become used to them. The need for newer or revised games is there for quite essential. Apple store is constantly being updated with new games or revised games. On a monthly basis you will find a good number of new games. The following games include some of the iOS games 1st week of September

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Top 5 Games For iOS | iPhone 6 for 1st Week September 2015

1. Two Dots
This is a revised game of the original hit dots game. In these games; users are in a position to play with 385 creatively designed levels. This is a very significant improvement from the first game which aimed at just connecting dots. In this game you are in a position to create bombs, sink anchors, make a line, and extinguish flames among a variety of other purposes. This game has a minimalist design and can be downloaded on a totally free basis from the apple store.

2. Angry bird 2
Every one probably as heard of angry bird. This was literally the most downloaded mobile game last year and probably the most downloaded game of all time. The company behind this game has come up with angry bird 2.This upgrade has a slight visual makeover and new multi-stage levels. The biggest difference between this game and the previous version is the ability to select an order in which you will launch your birds in. This brings about a new element to the game as a poor choice can cost you. This game is totally free from the apple store.

3. Race the sun
This is a very beautiful and unique racing game. The player pilots a solar craft which gets its energy from the sun. The main objective of the game is to go as far as possible as you evade obstacles until the sun sets. You will also run out of solar energy and stop moving. The company which designed this game claimed that the game was inspired by arcade game of the past. This game can be downloaded at a price of $3.99 from apple store.

4. Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon
This is one of the best puzzle games ever deigned. In this game, you can play a spider spinning webs in an abandoned mansion. You goal during the game is to progress through the various levels while doing the spider thing; this is spinning webs and eating bugs. You will notice that a story will start to appear concerning the history of the mansion and its occupants. This game works in real time and this makes this game quite enjoyable to play. This means that it is raining in your area, it will also be raining in the game.

5. Drop 7
This is a casual game which has a simple and addictive layout. This makes this game to definitely feature in the iOS games 1st week of September .In this game, you need to deal with rising balls which are numbered 1-7. The main aim is to select the number of the displaying ball for it to disappear. Each new chain has a different arrangement. This game is totally free on apple store.

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