Top 5 Games For iOS | iPhone 6 for 1st Week October 2015


This is a very powerful phone with amazing graphics that you won’t never miss out on playing any game in it. If you are a hardcore gamer then this is the phone to own. Games are being developed day and night by the game developers therefore it quite difficult to determine the best game of the week for yourself .That’s why we come in handy to give this amazing list. If you are a hardcore gamer then here are the best games for you to play this First week of October. Just go through the list and choose the best game for yourself depending on the various genre that you like.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

1. Turbo Fast
This is an amazing racing game with a lot of reviews and ratings. It has got amazing graphics which makes it very engaging and addictive. This game basically involves racing using the creatures like snails which are given a turbo boast. It’s quite an ironical games since with the speed of a snail how can you race but with the turbo boast it will surely give you a reason to race. This is a free games which you are required just to download it in the ITunes store. This game is an update of its previous version making it be 2.1.6.This game is compatible with IOS 7.0 or later and also the iPhone ,iPad and iPod touch .It also allows you to challenge your friends in the social media platform and come to the top to get the delicious tomato prizes.

2. CSR Racing Game
If you are a fun of racing games then this is the ultimate racing game for you. It’s equipped with exclusive cars for you to race with. Its graphics are amazing making it very addictive since you can’t remove your eyes on the screen when playing it. It has got amazing new challenges for you to play. This is a free game downloaded in the iTunes store and it’s compatible with IOS 7.0 or later.
3. Flow Free
This is also one of the amazing puzzle games for you developed by the big duck gamers LLC. This game entails matching of various colors so as to create a flow. This is a new version of 2.4 in which the rainbow pack is free and has got a 14 x 14 mania for purchase. This is among the top purchased game for you this week for October.
4. Street Fighter X Tekken Gauntlet
If you are a hardcore gamer then this is the perfect game for you ever. This is an updated game with and amazing features for you this last week of September. This is an action game that is very addictive and engaging because if its eye catching graphics. Having a high rating and reviews it’s absolutely the best game for you to play.
5. Dead Trigger 2
This is absolutely the best game for you this summer period. This is an updated version with new and amazing features including an improved performance .You can unlock new regions and it also has an improved message relevancy. This game is purchased in the ITunes store. Having a high rating and reviews it’s absolutely the best game for you this summer.