Top 5 Games For iOS | iPhone 2nd week of AUGUST 2015


IPhone 6 is one of the awesome phones with amazing display to play games. Its operating system is very powerful to launch app games .Ita��s one phone for sure you wona��t get bored. In order for you to download the best games they are always located in the iTunes. Ita��s quite difficult to determine the latest games through app store in iTunes play though the games are always update now and then, but believe with this list you are going to find the perfect and best games. The top ten games this month are the one which are most impressive and enjoyable games to play in your android phones. You will actually have more thrilling and exciting opportunities to when playing this games. Have a quick view of our list to get the best game that suits you depending on your type of genre of the games. These games are:

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

1. Operation Dracula
The phone having improved display graphics this will give you an ultimate feeling of playing the game. This is one of the most thrilling action games. The game has got massive machinery tools to use during the combat. Also the controls are easy to be manipulated. This game requires a lot wit and therefore making it somehow difficult at some levels but believe one you have grasp its tricks ita��s one of the easiest games to play. This game is bought with only $5.99 and downloaded in the iTunes.

2. Legend Of Grim rock
This is a game developed by the Almost Human Ltd .This is also another action game that will keep you engaged all the time .Having $4.99 will enable you to download this game in iTunes in the apps store

3. The Longe Siege
This is another game yet to be lounged but believe ita��s among the best game with improved graphics. This is one of the most awaited games in the universe right now. Almost millions of people are ready to download this game so dona��t miss out on this.This game entails solving of puzzles by merging three or similar colors .

4. Battle Golf
If you are a hardcore gamer and lover of adventure and action games combined then this is the game to play. The siege battle is a combat game that will also keep you engaged. Having improved graphics together with the a powerful display of the IPhone 6 .This game will give you an ecstatic feeling that you wona��t even miss a bit of its progress when playing .Having ninjas and monsters you will surely get the best experience when playing it. This game is acquired for free in the iTunes

5. Jumping Cube
This also another best simulator and adventure games. The graphics display an amazing view of the lawn fielda��s .This game involves saving a greedy hamster from an endless sewer after he was found stealing food.This will give you an ecstatic feeling when playing the game. Having the powerful phone surely you want just wait to play this game. This game has got amazing levels to play and complete so as to unlock the various rewards. This game is downloaded freely in the iTunes.