Top 5 games for iOS 3rd week of July 2015


Fascinating games have been launched on the iOS platform already and many games are being launched daily for iOS. We have tried to collect some new and unique games launched on iOS platform recently which are creating ripples on the internet. Gamers are finding these games fascinating for their wonderful conceptual background or jaw dropping graphical effects. Some games mentioned here may be free while some are paid .Games mentioned here are collected after independent research and personal experience. Individuals may have other choices too.

Apple iPhone 6

Threes is interesting as well as brain scratching game which has been designed to give your wits a bit of workout. The objective of the game is to combine the same numbers cards, with only multiples of three. Easy game? Here comes the twist. With the mindless manoeuvring of cards can get you blocked leaving no option to make a further move. So for a novice a game will be over within seconds or may be minutes. But an experta��s player can play for hours without blinking.

Legend of Grimrock
Game starts with a story in which person is sentenced to death for the grievous crime he may not have committed. For his punishment he is exiled to doomed and dangerous mount Grimrock. Mount Grimrock is concealing tons of secrets with in it, be it strange creatures or endless tunnels spanning across the Grimrock. Player assumes the role of person who is sentenced death and plays game to escape the Grimrock. In the process he has to make a team to combats with dangers lurking in the Grimrock. During game he has to take on monsters, deadly traps and hidden tombs sp as to clear the levels of game.

Implosion never lose hope
This action game is well designed to keep player interested and follows to next level in a smoother way. Game is placed in a time when earth has already been wiped out some 20 years ago. Human race is trying to survive and maintain its existence. A life form called XADA threatens the survival of human race. Game is about the fight humans put against their mighty opponent. Along with the wonderful concept graphic of the game is marvellous too. So it is well designed game.

Attack the light
Attack the light is a nice game which is available on Android, iOS, and kindle platform. Game revolves around the story in which crystal gems (protectors of the earth) comes from a mission. From a mission they bring a light prism. Steven (half human member) is playing video game on his tab at the moment. Steven releases the 7 lights from prisms. Now it is again duty of the crystal gem to find the lights again. Game is based on popular cartoon series Steven universe. A nice game to play.

Altoa��s adventure
Altoa��s adventure is a snowboarding game. Game is designed is in the backdrop of alpine valley which keeps on changing giving a real scenic view to the game. Weather effects such as lightening also increases the playing experience to a new level. There are endless task player has to do in the game ranging from rescuing the llamas to boarding on the roof of the house. Overall a nice game to play.