Top 5 Games for Apple Watch in 1st week of November 2015


Ita��s possible to play games in your small sized display Apple watch. The games developers have designed the game in such a way that the controls of the game are very simple to manipulate in the small sized screen. On the other side the operating system and processor of the Apple watch are also designed in way that makes it render quality graphics of the games during playing. This has made the game developers come up with more enticing games with high quality graphics for you to play. There are latest games in the iTunes store for you to update your phone with. Here are the top 5 games really hitting the iTunes store just waiting for you to download.

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Games for Apple Watch

1. Eggphoria.
This is an amazing enticing game meant to improve your concentration levels and reflex reactions .In this all you have to is to collect the eggs by moving the egg basket using the digital crown to control. The more eggs you collect the scores you earn and unlock various rewards .This game has got amazing graphics and with more than 50 challenging levels makes it the most addictive game in your Apple watch. This app is purchased for only $ 0.99 in the Apple store.
2. Watch Pet Home.
If you really love pets then here is a fun pet game for your Apple watch .In this game all you have to do is to find and feed your sweeties every day and play with them in your watch. Your pet therefore grows form childhood to adulthood it even lays eggs to produce more pets for you. This is one of the top free apps for your Apple watch in this month of November. All you that you are required to do is to download it in the iTunes store for free.
3. Military Helicopter Info.
This is a puzzle game with amazing graphics, search database and collection of amazing photos. This game doesna��t require any internet for you to play. The puzzles are very challenging and fun to play. This is one of the highly rated paid games in the iTunes .You can purchase this game for only $ 3.99 in the iTunes store.
4. Watchcolor.
This is one of the amazing games synchronized together with your iPhone. You therefore need your iPhone for you to play this game. In this game you have to watch the question seen your iPhone and provide answered to your question on your iPhone. This game has got amazing graphics making it very addictive to play. This game is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.
5. Protect the Earth-Super Game For Heroes PRO.
This is an amazing action game where you as an astronaut you are required to protect the earth as your main duty from the falling meteorites .This is one of the intrusive games where ita��s very easy to learn but hard to conquer and win. This game is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.