Top 5 games for Android phone 3rd week of April 2015


A whole new set of cool mobile games have arrived at the Google Play store for April 2015. A few nice mobile games come from the strategy genre top the lists Our Phonelane Editors have taken time to play a bunch of games and exploited its strategies and tricks in the best way possible. So here we present you the Top 5 games for Android phone for the 3rd week of April 2015.

Samsung Galaxy s6 edge

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1. Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles
Arcanox: Cards vs Castles is an awesome mixed strategy game that displays two of its components to squash together- a battling over card and high tower defence. Players are given the task of collecting over 300 cards that put minions and magic spells on your side. These cards can come in handy during war as you try to reign over other playera��s castles. Throughout the game you need to build a magical castle and upgrade the defence and make it powerful and protect and survive from the enemies surprise attacks. The game play has quite a good addictive strategy.

2. Space Bounties Inc.
Space Bounties Inc is another futuristic game. There a lot of dangerous things in the universe, and you have to depend upon your hired space band of soldiers with arms to handle all of it. Ita��s a great mobile strategy game in combination with 8-bit graphics in retro style with solid game play. Team work and power is a necessity to win each tasks. The adventure fun thrilled game makes it all interesting and hard to ignore.

3. Westbound: Gold Rush
Well its glitters of gold everywhere! You need to burn a lot of calories to get the gold; all you got to do is run and treasure the gold. Making your community of gold hunters cheerful and making some earnings and making your town as profitable as possible is one type of a brainstorming challenge.Ita��s quite interesting to be the leader of the town and lead them all the way and make profit from the nuggets of glittering gold.

4. King of Thieves
King of thieves is a good plat former. Ita��s also a tough build strategy game with good graphics. Your tiny black block has to pop and hop around the hazardous and dangerous dungeons, and avoid the enemies and the wicked traps set throughout the path and grab the treasures placed with it. The game is a total fun in its own special way.

5. Pharaoha��s War
The mysterious ancient Egypt makes the story plot for the game. Venturing this magnificent land of mysteries and stepping foot into this splendid era yourself is one thing you can enjoy the most. Pharaohs War gives you the opportunity to build your own empire and order your forces to battle the other kingdoms. Expanding and conserving resources and armed forces while constructing your empire similar to the saying from the book of history is reborn once again. This surely is an addictive multi-player strategy game.