Top 5 Games for Android Download


Games on your smartphone are must without which having a smartphone is useless. Daily 100 of application are released out of which 45% are games each one better than another by some way. Where subway surfer, temple run, angry birds are few of antique games still remembered and used where application like Robocop, candy crush are making the ways in. Large people daily depend on these application as we require food for living we require games for working.

Today we going to give you a list of the five games for android that, we think, they are worth a try. Android games are getting better and better and they create addiction, so if you have a lot of free time, then you can fill it by playing your favorite games.

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Candy Crush

Candy Crush saga is the trending mobile game, on the market for android, iOS, Facebook and online. It is puzzle that everyone are crazy about, however a variation on the theme that sees gems swapped with sweets and different tasty treats. In common thereupon-different nice gem-puzzler, Bejewelled, the more sweets you match with every move the lot of candy bombs you create, points you collect and faster you progress. The application is more trending and new levels invite you daily. The game levels are more challenging and candy bombs becomes more difficult to acquire later.

Water logic

Water Logic is a simplest yet addictive logical puzzle game. The game rules are very simple but the solution is always difficult to achieve. You have JARa��s of different sizes, which you can manipulate to get the required output. The Jars are not marked so you can only pour water from one JAR to another or complete empty it. You can try obtaining the output by transferring water form one jar to another. The games earlier stages are too simple but as you proceed you need to actually scratch your head to obtain its are you up for the challenge. Do you think you can complete all the levels in the minimum number of moves? Try it for yourself!

Rivals at War:Firefight

The game lets you take control of a small yet efficient elite team of combat troopers so that you complete mission. Upgrade your weapons & troopers for every mission buy different tactics to support you in the battle. FIGHT alongside your team in head-to-head battles and follow your commander. Conquer rival groups from round the world to win Gold coins & cash. The game have different battlegrounds and many stages to test your team & emerge victorious. Fight for triumph and become the most effective team!

Quiz up

The worlda��s largest trivia game is currently on the market for Android!Quiz Up has been graded the #1 trivia app on Google Play in half dozen countries, including the United States, Canada and India. Be part of over eighteen million people that play and love Quiz Up! Challenge your friends and connect with different players round the globe. Test your knowledge with over 300,000 questions in over five hundred topics, starting from ancient history to popular culture, and from Name the component to complete the Lyrics. New topics are supplemented weekly thus; Quiz Up will surely look at your knowledge while keeping you pleased for hours on end!

AirFighters Pro

AirFighters pro is a flight simulation game already being considered as the simplest yet best flight simulation games ever made for android. The game comes with high elaborate world with all stages for flight simulation from take-off to landing. The game shows airports where users will land their plane, or start off. You can proceed as an advance user by skipping its tutorial but It is recommend to travel through the gamea��s tutorial therefore but you’ll be able to perceive the fundamental instructions of flying a plane, and afterward you’ll be able to start choosing missions.