Top 5 games download for Samsung Galaxy E5


Samsung has recently unveiled the new mid ranger Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy E5 with some remarkable upgrades. This Smartphone flaunts a 1080p 5.0inches super AMOLED display, 8Mp primary camera along with 5Mp front shooter for selfies. This Smartphone is stocked with Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat running on Quad core processor clocked at 1.2GHz and accompanied by 1.5GB RAM. It provides 16GB onboard storage along with SD card compatibility up to 64GB. Its hybrid dual SIM technology allows us to use SD card in SIM slot when necessary. This Smartphone is powered by 2400mAh battery seeming enough to give an all day performance. Thus overall this Smartphone is a great mid ranger with exceptionally better RAM which will be a benefit for gamers. So, you can enjoy a great variety of heavy games on this Smartphone. We have grabbed some hottest games present in market for you to enjoy your new Smartphonea��s gaming power.

Samsung Galaxy E5

1. Cut the Rope-Time Travel: You might have already enjoyed the brainy and puzzle cut the rope but for this time travel mode you will need upgraded brain play because the things are differently weird. Travel with Om Nom to the ancestral world to eliminate the hunger of his ancestors by feeding candies. It has got great upgraded physics, where you have to feed two at a time making it double adventurous than the classic one. You can visit different historical ages like stone age etc and enjoy the candy crushing and feeding.

2. Modern Combat 5 – Blackout: An epic 3D shooting game from Gameloft where you can play an individual role or play as a squad in multiplayer battles. There are 4 styles of playing this game according to the roughness and type of bad guys taking you down which are Recon, Sniper, Assault and heavy. Latten on you can free more skills by spending your earned skill points. The real thrill and action is visualised in squad battles where you also win stuff for winning the gun fight. Leader board for individual as well as squad is available along with global and squad chat.

3. Whale Trail Frenzy: It is an adventurous game where you have to suit up in the character of Willow, a whale more precisely an endless flyer whom you have fly and collect bubbles, upgrade different fighting skills, pick up cool gadgets in the way and smash your enemies. In your way you will meet the friends of willow and you can transform into them by unlocking them. It is a one touch, very addictive game, simple to use but very challenging too because you can contend with your friend in it via Google +.

4. Radiant Defence: SLAUGHTER THE ALIENS! It is a tower defence game, aliens are hovering all over the universe and you have to destroy them and save the humanity. You can build your castle in any way you want, get a good count of heavy armoury, choose your own path for the alien waves and kill them. Ita��s a package of 15 missions comprising of 400 alien waves. Nine different types of weapons are available which can be upgraded for massive alien destruction.

5. Tiny Thief: A cute and adorable game is here!!! Just like Robin Hood used to steal stuff from the bad guys, Tiny Thief also stands against bad guys who in the game include pirates, stingy bakers, sheriff, etc. This classy point pint and click game is very adventurous; you have to get the stuff from the enemies by using different mind tricks. You can control the tiny thief to climb a ladder, door etc. The levels get difficult with time and at some stage stealth mode gets activated in which guard sees the thief and the level will be abandoned and restarted. So, enjoy the game and be cautious through different levels.