Top 5 Game for Apple Smartwatch in October 2015


Due to technological advancement the apple watch has been designed in such a ways that it allows you to play games in it. This leaves you surprised but because how can you play a game in the apple watch because of the tiny screen size, but don’t worry here is how this is possible. The apple watch is equipped with amazing graphics rendering it amazing for you to play games in it. Also the games are designed in such a way they are played with one hand. At this technological level everything is now possible without your phone. If you just have your apple watch then all of this is possible. Here are the top 5 games that can be played in your apple watch:

Apple Watch

1. Rocket Fly.
This is one of the amazing games for equipped with retina art where your main mission is to thrust the rocket up. During thrusting of the rocket you have to avoid purple clouds or else you will die thus failing ion your mission. You have also to avoid the green clouds since they will paralyze you while the blue clouds will block you. This is one of the amazing game and during the game play you have to go on collecting coins that are meant to customize your rocket. Equipped with amazing features it is surely the best companion for your apple watch.

2. CAT Eye Makeup.
This is one of a newest amazing games for you in your apple watch. This game basically involves selecting your characters which are inform of amazing kittens. You will then have to apply some makeups on their eye shadows and eye liners .This game allows you to take a photo of the beautiful kittens and upload them to your friends in the social media platform. This game is very engaging since it’s equipped with excellent music and sound effects. The more you play the more you earn the points.

3. Rules.
Despite the fact that apple watch display is very tiny but it accommodate puzzle games. Rules is a puzzle game bought for only $ 2.19 in the apple iTunes store. This is an amazing brain teaser game that is very addictive .In this game you are provided with numbered tiles and you are given rules such as tap them diagonally in descending order. This game is all about following the rules given. It’s absolutely an amazing brain teaser game.

4. Best Fiends.
Here is another amazing adventure game for you in your apple watch. In this game your main mission is to explore the lands of Minuta and collect treasures. It’s not quite simple since you will have to overcome devious obstacle such as the slugs .This game has got appealing graphics making it awesome to play. This is a free game downloaded in the iTunes.

5. Lifeline.
This is a puzzle word game that best enjoyed in your apple watch. This game is all about helping a stranded astronaut through communication. This makes it an amazing game to play in your apple watch. This game is bought for only $2.99 in the iTunes.