Top 5 Funny Apps for Android in July 2015


We are surrounded by the marvels of technology which have made our life a lot easier. But overuse of technology has increased the level of stress in our life too. Our society is dealing with increasing cases of depressions and other mental disorders. So we thought if we can collect the apps which makes a person smile and reduces the level of stress in his life. Some people may argue that these apps have no productive value. But we think a wide smile is way more important than productivity in life. Here is our list of top funny apps for Android.

Android 5 Lollipop


Dub smash app is creating ripples over the internet and has taken the users by storm. Why the app is so popular among the users? It is because app is very unique and funny. Dubsmash is basically video messaging application which allows users to create and share funny selfie videos. Yes you heard it right, selfie videos. Move over selfie pictures, its selfie video time. Dubsmash allows the user to integrate their video with an audio quote which may be a famous song or a popular dialogue of a movie. User lip syncs with the audio added to recreate a famous movies scene or a popular music video which can be shared over the internet.


Are you feeling down and alone? Do you want some reason to smile? Look at this app please. This app is official app of the 9 GAG. This app is a collection of funny pictures, videos, memes and a lot more. All the collections have been categorized as funny, awesome, wtf ,omg, fail, cute, geeky, cosplays, gifs ,memes and viral. You can share your pictures and get real funny responses from all over the world.


Farts are funny but unfortunately it is a natural phenomenon which cannot be created artificially. Really? Check out this app. This app is funny and a bit disgusting if you are classy sort of person. App is a collection of different fart sounds on different board. And they say high quality sounds are professionally recorded and tuned. There are different buttons which reacts in a realistic manner. There are too many features which make this app a real rib tickler. You can be winner at social events with help of this app.


This app is meant for people who have funny bone inside them. If you want to surprise a person this app is for you. X rays shown in the app are not real and have no medical significance. You can fool your dear ones or a stranger by stating that this app will reveal their inner secrets. Show them the fake X rays and create your story and interpretation which of course will be fake.


Funny camera app is an amazing application which helps user to add hilarious effects to their photographs. With help of this app user can paste his picture on a predetermined frame. These frames can be from famous paintings or celebrities. You need not to cut your face from the pictures, leave this task to the app. There are more than 80 photo frames available in the app.