Top 5 free War games for Android in May 2015


If you remember playing space impact on your cool Nokia phone, then you will be exhilarated to know that the scope and fun of war games for the mobile device and especially the android platform has vastly increased. Using just your handheld device you can virtually enter any battlefield of the past, or can even interfere in futuristic battle scenarios, choose any side and get yourself the essential adrenaline rush. The top five free war games to deliver you this experience are

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Call of Duty: Heroes

Activision brings its world famous FPS to the mobile lovers in the form of an RTS but without decreasing the fun even a single bit. In this variant you not only control your own character but have total command over an entire ARMY! You can also customize your army to lay havoc on your enemies. You can start small from a small outpost but quickly advance into a ballista equipped modern command center. The levelling up RPG system just adds to the table. It provides three unique modes PvP, Campaign, and Survival to satiate your different needs and also supports multi-player for the time when you need some team killing done.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

Through this epic adventure RPG relive the Greek mythological story where Prometheus steals the fire of knowledge from Gods. You get to slay gruesome monsters and all powerful titans, you explore an ancient Greece through the eyes of the game’s Oscar nominated animation team who have done an excellent job. The sword combat is satisfying, its boss battles are unique and the intelligent puzzles keep the monotonicity of killing hordes of enemies away. If you like gore and feeling larger than life then Prometheus’s sword is for you to hold in your virtual hands.

N.O.V.A 3: Freedom edition

A futuristic sci-fi by game developers Gameloft, delivers the story of a man named Kal Wardin, a space marine who returns to Earth to save mankind from an eminent dangers. It’s on foot and vehicular combat are both engaging and enticing throughout the game. And the futuristic powers of Kal’s suit keep a single dull moment miles away in this top ties shooter. The twelve player multi-player has seven different modes to keep you entertained even after the main single player story mode.

Dead Trigger 2

This zombie annihilating sequel considerably improves upon all the aspects of its predecessor. In it even the zombies carry guns as if they weren’t lethal enough without them. The weapons are fully customizable to fulfill your carnage and explosive requirements. It’s multi-player and online leader-board are a fun enticement to keep on killing zombies. Its developer madfingergames also organizes tournaments to determine the best zombie hunter from its vast online community.

Frontline Commando: D-Day

This game takes you back to World War 2 where you perform various military operations. It has a large single player campaign covering over 145 separate missions based on actual events that occurred during the war, the shooters employs time authentic weapons and military techniques which give it a real forties era fell and only increase the enjoyment this army shooter provides. If FPS is your cup of tea then grab a historic rifle or a classic pistol and win the war for your country.