Top 5 Free Antivirus Software Apps Download for LG G2 or Android Phone


In the current mobile scenario where everything has gone “smart”, the security of your devices is also something that needs to be taken care of smartly. The internet is a malicious space that can completely ruin your device if proper care is not taken. Cases of identity theft, account hacks and illegal activities are at an all-time high in the cyber space and you sure don’t want to end up on the wrong side without even doing anything wrong. So to make sure you keep your devices safe and secure from virus, malware, etc. we are compiling a list of top 5 anti-viruses for the LG G2. This is a top of the line Android device; hence anti-virus apps running on this device will run on other Android phones as well.

1. Avast! Free Mobile Anti-virus:

Avast Android Security

Avast is a well-known name in the PC anti-virus scenario. Now it has also come down to the Android version. This is a pretty simple and neat version which has a good anti-virus and anti-malware built in. In an independent test conducted by a firm, it was found that Avast was able to detect and remove almost all the malwares that were put in the device for testing purposes. This shows how effective this light tool is. It also does not consume much of battery and memory as well and also most importantly it works in real time and provides real time protection for your device.

2. Dr. Web Anti-Virus Lite:

Dr. Web Antivirus Light

As the name suggests, this is a Lite version of the app which is free of cost available. It also has a paid version with many more features but the lite version is pretty enough to take care of your device. This is an actual anti-virus made for Android and does not have a PC version, but it has a pretty well developed and updated virus database and it does its job very efficiently.

3. Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite:

Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite

Kaspersky is a big name in the PC anti-virus scene and most importantly it was also awarded recently as being the best and most reliable anti-virus. It has a Lite and a paid version as well, but the lite version is pretty much capable of handling all the required needs. The mobile virus database is one of the best of all and in an independent test done, it had ranked 4th among 40 anti-viruses. But what makes it score ahead of many others is that its lite version is more capable than some paid versions as well. So better have something for free than pay money to get the same job done, isn’t it?

4. Zoner Anti-Virus Free:

Zoner Antivirus

This antivirus is one of the best ones out there. This I say is because for the basic fact is that not only it does have an efficient anti-virus and anti-malware, but it also has some really great added features like a call blocker which blocks calls from unknown or blocked numbers. Also it has an anti-theft feature which is able to locate your phone in case it gets stolen and one of the most required, a task manager. With this you can control your task manager directly from this app; all this in the free version. So imagine how great the paid version should be.

5. Antivirus Security Free by AVG:

AVG Antivirus Android

One of the most popular Antiviruses on PC, AVG is now available for mobile as well. And in the time that is has launched, the mobile app is used by over 70 million users already. But it is not only in the name but also in the game. AVG is a completely free anti-virus and it does not have any paid version. But the reason it is more popular than others is because it offers that something extra than what other free or even paid anti-viruses offer. In AVG along with the usual anti-virus and anti-malware, you also get anti-theft protection using Google Maps where you can track your phone in case it gets stolen or lost. Also you get an in-built task manager to manage your apps better and also a battery manager that helps manage your phone battery which helps the battery last longer.

We checked out the top five anti-viruses for the LG G2 which is a flagship Android device from LG. it is a wonderful device with loads of features and even with all that, it is easy to break in to and access all the sensitive and personal information since the phone is always on a network. So get the anti-virus which suits you the best and keep your device as well as yourself protection from all the hounds out there.