Top 5 free Android offline games 2016


Nowadays everything from kitchen recipea��s to high dynamics gaming is available online but it isn’t always pleasant to be necessarily connected with internet in order to play a good game. A mindset has started to overcome our views related to gaming that every good came demands us to stay online. Therefore we have collected a bunch of cool offline games which you can play offline on your Android Smartphone.

offline-android-gamesAndroid Offline Games: Free Download

1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition:

This awesome game title doesna��t need any special advertisement because it is the biggest selling video game franchises so far and its pocket edition for Android Smartphone has been slimmed and trimmed by proper ways in order to keep it as enjoyable as the PC edition and they have been very successful until now. A huge load of weapons, potions and other item are inside for you to explore and defend yourself against enemy mobs. You can also craft some interesting structures and mechanisms making yourself as strong as possible.

2. Alto’s Adventure:
Although this game was released only a month or two back, it has been able to successfully top the charts as far as offline Android games are concerned. You, the tricky snowboarder Alto have to run down a treacherous snowy mountain, it will be running down automatically but you have to control the balance and make Alto achieve the goals. You will find some interesting and seriously crafted graphically awesome scenes in this game like Grinding along a rope, with a windmill in the background, etc.

3. Townsmen:

Most of the RTS games which were once very popular on PC failed to show their magic on Android platform but Townsmen is the exceptional one making it possible to maintain its slot on the Android platform as well. Here you will have to maintain some serious economy and make the Townsmen flourish. The only downside to this game we feel is the annoying ads that it makes you watch however spend some capital and you are good to go ad free.

4. Shadow Fight 2:

It is personally our favorite one in the list, you are a shadow fighter and you will have to fight your way through the divine to achieve your goal. You will get to fight one on one with the legends in tournaments, challenges and with the ultimate bosses in each act. The online underworld of this game is also addictive like the rest of this game.

5. Angry Birds Star Wars 2:

Its true that there are quite a few Angry Birds games available in the play store but Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is the finest one. The designs, abilities and gameplay scenarios are awesome indeed. If you are looking for an easy to play, fun and friendly mood cheering game, you should go for it.