Top 5 Free Android HD Games for May 2015


There are times in a gamer’s life when an uncomplicated mindless match 3 puzzles are a necessity for whiling away the time. This list is not about those times. This list is where we explore what happens game developers decide ‘go big or go home’. This is our pick for the best, most entertaining and high graphics games. During our search we ran into several games which had somewhat compromised gameplay for graphics, resulting in a blurry mess during high-action situations. The games mentioned below have overcome that flaw spectacularly and we get to enjoy the fruits of that labour.

android 4

Badland from Frogmind

The first pick for this list will be surprising to some, because at first glance the eerily beautiful art design of the game is deceptively simple. The character design is the epitome of creepy cute and the nuanced background take some serious rendering. The game is basically a side-scroller with a hefty side of strategy. The little fluffy birdlike creatures need to be guided from portal to portal in a world which seems to have reclaimed by nature after the civilisation which had formed there had destroyed itself leaving behind its fantastic technology. The creatures collide with bizarre silhouettes and glowing mysterious objects cause the creatures to change its size or its weight. The player has to be constantly on alert to change his own reactions to compensate.

The Walking Dead: Season 2

This game is not just a shoot em’ up zombie action RPG, although players can do that too and with relish. This is an exploration of the darker paths a human psyche may have to walk to for survival. The story line of the first episode which is free to play, explores the beginning of the end of the world from the perspective of Lee Everett, a convict who was saved from prison because of the zombie infestation and now he protects Clementine, a little girl who’s lost her parents. The gameplay requires a lot of unexpected player participation in case of very dialogs and the graphics are extra-ordinary – from the detailed depiction of all the objects and the seriously scary zombies. The game voice acting and the music is also amazing and the story has a number of endings so one player’s experience may not be the same as others. With its amazing game experience and high replayability this is definitely one of the best HD games on the Android market.

CarX Drift Racing

The nice thing about this game is that it’s a serious drift racing game without any pretensions of car chases or street-racing. The object of this high definition game is to complete stages of drift racing and unlocking new cars and tracks with the reward. Players can score more depending of the style and complexity of their drift or drift combos, but points are taken off for encroaching on the grass. The cars are beautifully rendered and the physics of the drift is pretty near perfect. The competition is always against the players’ own best lap times, and its always challenging to find ways of making the drift combos last longer and longer. What sets this apart from other similar games is the pure simplicity of purpose to just better yourself, which comes the closest to emulate the philosophy of many great drivers in reality.


FIFA 15 ultimate team

No list about HD games would be complete without mentioning FIFA, the soccer game to end all soccer games. Its latest Android version is free to play but with in-app purchases. The graphics are everything we have come to expect from the FIFA franchisee, realistic and detailed to the finest degree. The gameplay movement are smooth and the visual and sound effects and music are all top of the line. This game is all about creating the eponymous ultimate team trading or buying new players and allows casual control and precision control depending on the preferences of the player. It offers long gameplay as well as a quick simulation mode.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

One of the best fighting games for mobiles ever made, this one has recently been made available on the Android platform to enthusiastic response from players. They get to take on DC villains as teams of three and the graphics are varied with custom animation for each hero and villain. The location of the fights are places like the Batcave or the Watchtower, or other locations that make DC fans squeal with glee. The only real problem with the game – its gigantic with 1.3 GB to download. But if the space and internet connection is there, this is a great game.

There are great games on the market which utilizes low graphics and is still tons of fun and of course great graphics don’t always mean great content. But these games have guarantees for both.