Top 5 Free Android Games for May 2015


Are you lost in the Play store? Too many games to choose from? Too broke to buy at the end of the month? Well, just for you we have scoured the world of Android of for the best games it has to offer among its current crop. For free. Before we go further, you should know that this is an entirely subjective list and maybe many of you wona��t agree with it. In fact, ita��s a pretty sure bet that no two reader will share the exact same opinion on the list, from the chosen games to the categories. But hey, if youa��re bored sometime and looking for entertainment, then try them out. Who knows, you might like some enough to include them in your Top 5.

Android 5 Lollipop

The Best Fighting Game: Shadow Fight 2 from NEKKI

With simple grass-roots beginning in Facebook, it didna��t take this uber-popular game franchisee to grow into its potential. Sharp clear graphics and art make this a joy to look at, while the whole concept of battling silhouettes leave us tantalized at the possibilities. The game-play is exciting to say the least, while old-school gamers appreciate the touch of nostalgia about the Mortal Combat like arena, the realism in the movement of is absolutely a product of today. It forces players to face challenge of mastering a new weapon for every level. The in-app offers do keep coming in but need must as they say.

The Best Side- Scrolled game : Badland from Frogmind

This unique little gem has every pigeon-holing critic confused, myself included. It is a mix of strategy, adaptability, and some of the most eerily beautiful artwork seen in android games. The backgrounds are mesmerising, and the actual play is exciting. The idea is to guide a flock of these tiny, soft fluffy creatures in the dangerous world, where you can only herd them with controlled taps. Ita��s better to inure yourself to shocks fast because unlike other games there are no real indications for helpful or harmful items. The poor birds and the players must experience the Badland for themselves.

The Best World-building Game : Tiny Tower from Mobage

Ah, Tiny Tower. The game that will eventually take over your life. Even though it has been around a while, its only recently been available at the Android platform. The basic premise unsurprisingly is to build a tiny tower and manage the lives of the a�?bitizensa�� that move into it. The artwork is in a commodore 64 style pixel format, it still manages to convey a shocking degree of detail to the minutiae of the daily lives of your bitizens. They even have the a�?Bitbooka�? which of course is where they socialise and share their selfies.

The Best Endless Run Game : Smash hit from Mediocre

The thing about Smash Hit is that it is set in a bizarre surreal pocket dimension which organic matter has not yet been able to penetrate. Every level is completely and beautifully imagined with unique obstacles arising at each new level. The other thing about it is fully able to convey the gratification of smashing beautiful glass formation with a satisfying crash and no consequence whatsoever. It will appeal to the child in all of us. The adult will be suitably entertained with the graphics and the physics of the game-play while the child will get on with the important job of smashing everything in its path.

The Best Strategy Game : The Simpsons Tapped Out from EA, Inc.

Have you ever looked at Springfield and wanted to build it in your own image? This game gives you a chance to participate in the world of the Simpson’s in a way that just watching 25+ seasons have not. Its fun and exciting to be interacting with such well-loved characters and gives new unseen glimpses of a well-known world. The best thing about this game a�� it preserves the humour of the show entirely and manages to add a new aspect to enjoying Springfield, USA.

Whether you are looking to fill time while commuting, or a long, exciting game-play session, for stimulation or relaxation, there is something for everyone to enjoy.