Top 5 Email Apps Download for Android Phones


Emails are the cornerstone of any communication in today’s internet world. The advent of Emails making communication possible instantaneously, eliminating the wait period, with the advent of smartphone email clients became essential for people on the move. Sending and receiving able to edit are some of the most common features available across the platforms. While making this article we looked at almost hundred of email clients that were available in the Android Market,we are choose the Top 5 Email Apps based on their usability and features available within them.The list is our choice of 5 ones that we found easy to use.

email apps for android phones


K9 mail

It can track multiple accounts as it is multi service email app. It is quite appreciated app as it has a very good interface and set up. The interface design is so pretty that you get every detailed information on screen without lacking any options. It has lots of customizable settings and you can choose how the messages are displayed. It shows each arrived email individually without grouping them and the best part about it is you can easily shift from one email to another.



It can track multiple accounts as it is multi-service email app. It allows to combine multiple email in one single conversation thus forming a chain. One can do many things in terms of signature control, split screen support for tablets and full WYSIWYG editor. It can also create Quick Responses for same reply again and again. The only negative point of this app is that the free version is ad-supported and to avoid annoying ads you have to download the paid version of this app.



It supports multiple email service. If one uses multiple different email accounts the Aqua mail does its job by syncing it under one app. The smart Inbox feature is very useful and great also account creation is very simple. It has lots of customization and widgets setting. But the downside to this app is its free version allows only two accounts. To enjoy all the services of Aqua Mail paid app is recommended.



It is easy to use and powerful app. It supports multiple email service. It has instant notification for the arrived email app also supports push messages. The best part is it has no ads. It has dozens of customizable settings and useful widgets. It has very pretty and user friendly interface.



It is all in one email provider app. Each and every email is supported in this app which is one of the unique and best feature provided than any other email app. It has quick access to a variety of email accounts plus very good interface.

Lets us know about your views about these clients, helping us tweak this list further!!