Top 5 cricket games for Windows phone May 2015


Cricket games are always popular and have a following of their own. Mobile games have further added to the frenzy of this sport. While Cricket has some of the highest following in Asian Countries, cricket as a sport is enjoyed all over the globe. With a plethora of games to be offered for cricket we bring some of the best cricket games for windows phone. These Games will make sure that not a single moment is boring.

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5. Cricket Live Multiplayer

Cricket is a team game. Cricket Live Multiplayer lets you play with multiple players in a live mode. There are 5 game rooms that ensure that you have unlimited fun with betting and playing with random players too. The simple and easy to User Interface lets you to invite, challenge and play with your friends from Facebook too.
Rating : 3.8/5

4. Power Cricket T20

You are anxious to play a match of cricket and your friends are busy in their work or holidays, your Smartphone is bound to ease you with the Power Cricket T20. You can play against the top 9 cricket playing nations including Australia. Plan your game and hit the ball. The bowling system ensures that no two matches are alike. The power or Cricket in your hands like never before.
Rating : 4/5

3. Cricket 3D world street challenge

Addicted to cricket ? And you just want to get out there on the streets to swing your bat, get the Cricket 3D World Street Challenge on your Windows phone. The high quality graphics and animations, teleports you into the world of Galli cricket or street cricket. Just use your finger to hit the target. Choose your own Jersey, unlock 4 types of bats and with 80 challenging levels is sure to have you glued to your phone.
Rating : 4.2/5

2. Master Blaster T20

You want to be the center of the cricket action rather then watch the T20 or Premium Leagues, you should have the Master Blaster T20 Cricket on your Windows mobile phone. A game made for your smart phone, it’s as easy to play with one hand using a single tap. You can play against 15 countries for 3 challenging trophies. Hone your skills of batting and bowling with the game inspired by the Master Blaster.
Rating : 4.5/5

1. Cricket Unlimited

The chart topper for windows phones is the Cricket Unlimited !! It not only brings you live game scores, it lets you play the game refining your techniques of batting. The HD graphics and the easy to use controls makes it so easy, that you concentrate on the game rather than the controls. Features that catapult this game as “the game” to have include the camera angles allowing you to enjoy the back and front view modes. 15 rounds in the tournament with 24 varieties of shots leaving you to enjoy Cricket Unlimited
Rating : 4.8/5