Top 5 Collage Apps for Android 2015


It was very hard to take pictures in the past, but thanks to the digital revolution, anyone with fingers can snap a photo! Of course a decent camera is expected of most modern smartphones, and since we are living in the age of social media, sharing our jam-packed albums to our friends and families is the norm. Now, we don’t just send individual photos anymore because that easily looks dull for some people. Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip or just hanging out in the local coffee shop, pictures just have to be produced. Want to make these photos more viewer-friendly? Check out the Top 5 Collage Apps for Android 2015

Top 5 Collage apps for Android 2015

Photo Grid

Photo Grid

Boasting over 100 million downloads from the Play Store, Photo Grid by Cheetah Mobile is absolutely ahead among the collage making apps. The “Swiss Army Knife” of collage apps is just bursting with options on how to turn your underappreciated photo into something Instagram fame-worthy. You can also add filters into existing photos in your phone, or pick a desired background, maybe even add a cutesy sticker or draw on top of the face of your bestfriend. This complexity might intimidate the more casual users, but if you can handle all those extra options, this is the app for you.


For more advanced users, Pixlr might just be a good alternative for creating collages out of your pictures. You can add filters such as a vignette or black and white to give that classic feel to your photo, or put a kawaii sticker to brighten it up. Of course, you can also literally brighten up the photo in the adjustments tab, or perhaps heal a dirty spot on your clothes (or remove that pesky zit from your face). This app is a bit more CPU-intensive however, so lower end phones may experience a bit of lag or a complete freeze.

Pic Collage

For something more easily understandable, Pic Collage is a drag and drop collage app for casual users who just want to show a lot of pictures at once. There is a very simple interface where you just have to “Tap here to create a new collage,” then select the photos you want which may be coming from your local storage or from web images, and click add! You can choose from many other backgrounds, add some text, and rearrange the images across the collage. Sharing to your favorite social media is also made easy with the in-app sharing button.


Another simple yet powerful collage maker is Fotor. It first greets you with a short presentation ala Camera360 before taking you to the main UI where you can finally create your one-look album. It may not be as robust as other apps but there are plenty here to like as well. Creating a collage is very easy with plenty of simple patterns to choose from, editing photos are quick, and you can also take a new picture in the in-app camera. Not sure how to enhance your photo? Check out the Inspiration tab to see the work of other users.

Photo Collage Editor

Photo Collage Editor

The Photo Collage Editor app takes you straight to the editing process as soon as you start it, asking you to choose a pattern so you can add photos and be done just a few adjustments later. The advertisements may become a little distracting but should you look past that, you’ll see that it is still a pretty capable app. You can style it by changing the color and background design as well as the frame, add some text and stickers, and voila! A new collage for your friends to see. Take note however that the app does not come with a built-in photo editor.

And there you have the Top Collage Apps available on the Google Play Store. Doesn’t adding your personal touch to a photo make you more proud after sharing in on Facebook or Instagram? Even pictures taken in low light or too much exposure can be remedied with these apps to make them look better. Try them out!