Top 5 Board Games for Samsung Galaxy Prime


Samsung galaxy prime is among the top quality phones of mobile manufacturing giant company. It is powered by the kitkat 4.4 version which is latest among the android OS. One cannot stop admiring the features of this powerful phone among which are high quality graphic games which are available for this model. Though there are thousands of games, we have tried to make a list of the classic and popular games which have been remodelled by adding new features to them, keeping their age old charm intact at the same time making them as trendy as any new game can be. Here is our list of top 5 board games for Samsung Galaxy Prime.

Top 5 Board Games for Samsung Galaxy Prime

Chess free

Chess free is an interesting game which is mere 10.15 MB in size which is a good deal when you consider the amount of details and features which are added to the game. Game can be played by a novice with the help of chess tutor. Chess tutor is an outstanding feature which recommends the next move in the game helping the player to understand basic of game as well as that of strategy making. An expert chess player can play at pro mode which is comparatively tougher. There are 12 levels of game starting from novice to the Pro mode with every level getting tougher than the earlier one sequentially.

Pin ball pro

Pinball pro is one of the most popular games of all time. Pin ball pro is effort to recreate the magic of old and marvellous game by adding new features to it .Graphic level has been raised to new standard which mesmerise the player by high level of realism and very good visual effects. There are five types of tables available which are called classic, lucky stones, charisma lucky wheels, carnival and lucky wheels. Back ground music track is in accordance with the game .Good point is that this Stunning game is only 5.39 MB in size which is a real bonus.

Checker mate elite

Checker mate elite is an old game which is very famous across the globe. Now it is available on mobile too. It is one of the easiest and least complicated games available for the galaxy prime model. Game has four levels based on the difficulty. Game can be played by person of all ages. Graphics of the game are very good and overall appearance pleases the player. It has 2d and 3d perspective modes which is an interesting feature. There are 4 types of boards and 20 types of chips to choose from. Game is 22.35 MB in size.

Mahjong solitaire

Mahjong solitaire is a very popular game for galaxy prime model. One of the reason for its popularity is simplicity of the rules .Playing rules are very simple. Matches of the identical tiles are to be found and paired together. When all the tiles are paired board is completed. There are more than 400 boards in the game with 26 beautiful backgrounds which make this game very satisfying.

Dice with buddies

It is a basic game but yet very addictive and interesting. It can be played with your best friend, your family or a random person whom you cannot even see. This game is turn based so a person can play with nth players at one time. Player can challenge his family member or good friend in the game. In built chat is also a nice addition to the game which can be used to throw a word of caution to opponent. Push notifications tells player about his turn. Game can be played from multiple devices. Game is 11.35 MB in size.