Top 5 Board Games For Android 2015


No matter how much the technology is advancing, the board games will still remain timeless in the gaming world. They were entertaining the gamers for a very long time, offering an infinite number of hours having fun. But later, their popularity begin to decrease on the computers, simply because the younger gamers are getting their fingers busy playing board games on their smart-phones and tablets. Forget about your old dusty game box, because today it does not take a lot of time to go on the Google Play Store and find your next favourite board game that provide long-term fun in a more convenient way.Below you will find our list of the top 5 board games for Android, so get your Smart-phones ready…

Top 5 Board games for Android 2015

Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard

By Ravensburger Digital GmbH. Scotland Yard is digitalized version of the award winning game “Game of the year”. This game completes its promises to deliver razor finish graphics and excellent sound quality. This game comes with both single player and multi player mode via Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth or Internet connection, this game is best for the trick solving peoples.


If you are fan of the traditional board games, then we have the perfect solution for you. Catan is a digital board game that need in-depth planning of your strategy. In Catan you will be able to compete with 4 players for getting the settlements, armies and roads. In order to grow civilizations you can also trade between players. But do not despair if you cannot find 4 people to play with, because the game has its own individual characters for enjoyable experience.


Prepare for the next adventure game in a “Dungeons and Dragons” style. Players in this game can choose between 14 characters, which can be equipped with strong spells, equipment and superior abilities… for the purpose of obtaining the Crown of Command. The rules are simple- the player who will reach the Crown of Command first, will win the game. The great graphics and the local and online multiplayer features of the game, fill your spare time with awesomeness.

Ticket to Ride

In Ticked to Ride you play against other players to create train routes. You are building a rail empires by claiming various routes to various cities and gathering victory points. At the end if you have the longest route, you are the winner of the game. You can play against the computer of you can play online multiplayer where you can buy other maps to play on. The game is challenging and simple to play, and gamers are loving it because of its combination of competition, construction and fun experience.


At the end of our list is Carcassonne- the game that you will love it on first sight. In Carcassonne, you can create a landscape by using cities, roads, fields… To earn more points, later you can deploy followers consisting of thieves, monks, farmers, knights. Your winning will be announced when you have the most points when the game is up. In Carcassonne you can find 12 challenges with unique opponents consisting of separate strategies and a multiplayer mode for up to 5 people. We assure that as you play this game, it will create and addiction to play anytime you are free.

There are lot more honourable mentions in this list, but we leave on you to comment bellow and let us know about your top favourite board games for android.