Top 5 Best Android Racing Games Download of April 2014


Games are the biggest entertainment for any smartphones. And today most of the smartphone developers company have Android as their operating system. Whenever you buy a cell phone you would definitely check for the entire features but you even check out the games it can support that you can play and enjoy it. Games are one of the biggest in entertainment industry. Smartphones today are capable to allow you to play high end graphic games. Every day new games are being developed for android supporting systems and are being launched on android market. This article is especially for all the racing lovers. If you into racing games and you own a android supporting smartphone then I suggest you definitely complete read this article. I would like to you to tell about the latest top 5 android racing game that being launched or updated in April 2014:

Top 5 racing games for android

1. CSR Classics: CSR Classics is one of the best racing game by Natural Motion Games Ltd -April 9, 2014.This is one of the high end graphic game. This game is must download for all racing lover; ita��s a fantastic game with very great audio sounds that make you feel the real pleasure with throating sound highly tuned machines. The visuals are stunning with high graphics. THE players grind their way through various drag races to win and earn more money and upgrade. The game is very addictive and you can win new cars to by defeating the boss as the game story goes on.

CSR Classics

CSR Classics racing game for android download

2. Asphalt 8: Airborne: Asphalt 8 is the game developed by Gameloft -April 1, 2014. This game is the successor of impressive well known game racing game, Asphalt 7: Heat. This game is fantastic and has some new twist compared to asphalt 7. It has 47 high performance fast cars, high-fidelity car motor soundsA�with amazing graphics with a long racing campaign with plenty of airtime to enjoy its new features.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8A�racing game for android download

3. Road Smash: Crazy Racing: Road Smash Crazy Racing! It is created by Creative Mobile- April 9, 2014. This is really a great fast paced with 3d graphics racing game for all racing lovers. IT contains the actual car models of formidable cars from various cars manufactured worldwide. Here you need to drive on highways with heavy traffic without hitting and do various crazy stunts as possible with unlimited nitro available this is the added advantage.

Road Smash Crazy Racing

Road Smash: Crazy RacingA�game for android download

4. Mad Skills Motocross 2: This is the much awaited game for love the race lovers developed by Turborilla -April 11, 2014. This is one of the best motorcycles racing game with any side scrolling racing game. This game has dozens of insane tracks added every week. Each motorcycle has different speeds and features so you can choose the one suit you and go and race in win. You can even race online and challenge your friends.

Mad Skills Motocross 2

Mad Skills Motocross 2A�racing game for android downloadA�A�

5. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp: This game is developed by Gameloft with latest updates on April 9; 2014. This is the best car simulation game on market with its true-to-life automotive car driving experience featuring worlda��s most reputed cars. For real experience there are many tracks which have different times of day and even various weather conditions.IT also has feature of team racing online with your friends.IT has great graphics and is very addictive.

GT Racing 2

GT Racing 2A�game for android download


This is the list of top 5 android racing games Of April month 2014. For all the racing lovers I suggest download and experience each of these games. I promise you wona��t regret it at all. In fact you would enjoy great racing gaming experience. Enjoy!