Top 5 Battery saving Apps for Android 2015


Every aspect of smartphones seems to improve everyday; larger and more vibrant screens, more powerful processors, better connectivity features, etc. But one thing that isna��t quite up to speed is the battery capacity. All these other improvements affect how long you can use your phone in a day, so unless your phone has a built in power bank, or an electric outlet is readily available wherever you go, chances are you will be having battery problems. Fortunately, as the internet likes to say, there is an app for that! In fact there are plenty, but here are the few that really stand out among the rest.

Top 5 Battery saving apps for Android 2015

Du Battery Saver

Currently at the top spot, DU Battery Saver is a feature-packed battery saving app that does what it needs to do accompanied with a bit of visual flair. Prolonging your phonea��s usability is as easy as tapping a single button. You can also choose pre-set power management modes for it to know which apps and processes need to be turned off and which needs to be kept running. The free version already has everything you want off a battery saver but if youa��re willing to spend a few bucks, a pro version adds even more functionality to this nifty app.

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)A�

This one from Cheetah Mobile, the Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) is the next best alternative when it comes to extending your phonea��s life. This app has a bit more features immediately accessible after you open it and shows a lot more statistical data which may come across as confusing or intimidating to some users, but a lot can definitely appreciate its presentation and efficiency. One downside could be the obvious presence of advertisements around the interface to support this free app, but if you can look past this minor issue, then the Doctor is in.

Go Battery Saver And Power Widget

Go Battery Saver

The Go Battery Saver & Power Widget shows you what you need to know and does the rest by itself. It has three pre-set saving modes namely General Save, Super Save, and Extreme Mode in order of battery saving capability. The so-called Extreme Mode disables plenty of background running apps, lowers screen brightness and turns off connectivity settings like wifi and/or Bluetooth to translate those last few percentages remaining into another few hours; perfect if youa��re still on the road and waiting for an important text or call. Aside from that, it also shows you your charging history during the last few days.

Snapdragon BatteryGuruA�

Exclusive to Qualcomm-powered devices, the Snapdagon BatteryGuru is the app to optimize the performance and battery life without sacrificing any other functionality of your phone. It boasts of user adaptive behavior, meaning the phone user doesna��t have to change any settings whatsoever. Just keep using your phone for 2-4 days and the batteryguru’s self-learning (talk about smart) function will automatically adjust itself to match yours. There are a few issues with this app however, as some users report that the app causes other GPS-dependent apps like Google Maps to misbehave. This should be a great app, but it may not be for everybody.

Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver

And last on this least but far from being the worst is Avast Battery Saver. In terms of simplicity, this app takes the cake, and being created by the popular antivirus dev might raise some expectations. Relatively lightweight at just under 4mb, this app is a great fit for those who want as few buttons as possible yet still have a bit of customizability. It shows no other graphs or gives stats, just the amount of juice and time your battery has left. Therea��s no fiddling around this app, and that is a good thing. It saves your battery life, what more could you ask?

Of course, these battery savers do not only extend your batterya��s daily usage but also helps it in the long run. There is a certain charging pattern that ensures your lithium-ion battery (the most common type) does not deteriorate overall. If you feel like your phone dies out too early in a day, then trying out one of these apps may just be a solution.