Top 5 apps iOS for 2nd week June 2015


What might be the cause of the so much popularity of the iPhone? The first answer is the company that makes the phone and the second thought will be the most amazing apps collection they have for a smooth functioning of the phone. The IOS apps are always making something special and in 2015 we have a lot of apps which not merely call for the attention of the iPhone users, but also the android developer who already develops some of the best IOS applications for the Android based smart-phone. But the IOS apps always make it possible to get the necessary appreciation from the apple users. In 2015 there are a lot of apps those make their own face value to the users. But in between all of them some apps get the highest number of downloading and review. And those are

Apple iPhone 6

AIR Video HD

Air video HD actually an application which facilitates the user to utilize their PC or MacBook to become a kind of server. In reality the application helps to watch a movie to your iPhone and best part is that you don’t require the space for all those pictures. You just connect with WiFi and your phone will run the video form the PC or MAC book. The best part is that the apps going to convert some video to the preferable video format.


By-word is a simple text editor which gives some very cool option like word count. And the uses is very easy going. You can preserve your document to I-cloud or any other Dropbox if you wish. Also give the chance to present the document in different format like PDF, HTML etc.


IMovie is the video editor of the IOS version. This is actually working as a simple video editor. This app will make the total choice of having different effects, themes and soundtrack, which gets your phone just like a virtual studio.

Weather Pro

I can bet you that all those who utilize this app will agree with me that this is the best weather apps that apple user ever have. This app delivers the best visual effect. The result showed by the apps gets most accuracy in between all others weather apps. The apps has its own radar system by which you can easily generate the necessary weather forecast of some situation. This app becomes one of the greatest hits.

Vivid HDR

Vivid HDR is a photography app which working as a normal photographic tool. It helps to capture stunning photos with proper details in both highlight and in shadows. Also provide different types of photo mode, which make your picture more attractive. Besides all of this the Vivid HDR includes speed and presets which makes the tone of the photo more gorgeous and picture quality get more perfection. Besides, it will afford you the probability to decide by yourself which picture quality is better by its before and after comparison options.

So in between all those cool apps these apps make their mark to the user’s mind because of their features.