Top 5 apps for Windows Phone 8 for 03rd week of April 2015


After a fantastic week of iPhone6 and iPhone6+ news, now we engage your attention to the Windows Phone 8 and few apps that may grab your attention. Our Phonelane Editors have given their best to pour the pot full of apps into this list. These apps would surely come handy and will keep you engaged for the while.So, before you download apps for your lovely Windows Phone make sure that you have a look at this list.

Windows Phone 8.1 emulator demo

Download Top 5 Apps for Windows phone

1.Network Speed Test

Ita��s a simple and very useful app. The name says it all Network Speed Test app lets you a quick look at your connection status of your network.Get the current download and upload speeds in chart form, along with a chronological list, based on previous speed tests. It also shows your type of connection, internet service provider and internet connectivity status.

2. Outcoldplayer ($5.99)

Listen to your music collection, search for music recommended by Google, and moreover make use of the live Radio. It has a sleek and modern design. Outcoldplayer allows you to manage playlists, surf from Last fm, and live Xbox streaming. You can even cache music from your virtual online library or Access Subscription to tune it on your PC in offline mode. If you use Google play Music then make sure that you have a look at Outcoldplayer.

3. PhotoWeaver (Free, $1.49 to remove ads)

This app lets you to transport images to your PC, social networks, online storage into a single interface and also lets you connect with your Picasa(Google+),Flickr, OneDrive and Facebook accounts to see them in one place all together. You can edit the photos in PhotoWeaver and share them with the Windows 8 Share function. The photos can be uploaded from devices, uploaded in groups and shifted to any social networks from another. It is a marvellous technique to manage your snaps anytime.

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4. InstaPic (Free)

While talking about photos the next fascinating app is InstaPic, a client from Instagram For Windows 8.It gives you feel closer to Instagram viewing videos and photos, commenting and liking on other usera��s posts and staying updated with the latest activity. The app allows you to download videos and photos directly to your hard drive. Even though an official Instagram app is missing on Windows 8, InstaPic is a solid substitute

5. Calendar Live Tile (Free)

This fantastic creation lets you create calendar tiles and pin it to your start screen month wise so that you can have a quick look and see what falls on which days. This app offers you a set of creative options, and also the facility to select which information you would like to display on the calendar bar. The calendar tile can be of any colour and various sizes. You can even personalise it giving a good background from your collections.You may have to schedule it elsewhere, but Calendar Tile offers you a gorgeous view of the month.