Top 5 apps for iPhone 5|6|6+ for 03rd week of April 2015


The apps that you own now takes you to a new level of full sized high definition display, making you consider yourself as David in front of a Goliath iPhone. Lose no hope, because app developers are doing their best to utilise the new and enhanced screen size and the power of the new devices, in combination with the awesomeness of iOS 8. The additional benefit is that these apps are specially designed for iPhone5, iPhone6 and iPhone6+. Our Phonelane Editors have put their best to sort the best apps that are available in the App Store. So before pushing your thumb to download any app have a look at this wonderful list. Ita��s simply awesome.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Download Top 5 iphone Apps for 3rd week April

1. TRANSMIT IOS (A?7.99)
Earlier the management of files on iOS was troublesome, and users relied on Drop-box most of the time, up to some extent many of the apps were integrated with it. The renovated share sheets on iOS 8 are truly remarkable. Transmit pushes in the Panica��s OS X application to the iPhone, and also merging it with a pretty and reduced interface and utilises the wide display screen offering you a dual pane vision. Various formats are also supported and let you use compatible apps and help to create your own virtual cloud storage in a matter of seconds.

2. SKY GUIDE (A?1.99)
When it comes to dreaming at the sky with an iPhone,Sky Guide is conclusively the most handy and gorgeous app of its type. It comes with a stylish interface, packed with unlimited fun and facts, giving you a chance to mine deep into the secrets of the sky. The notification panel also comes in handy to view when the rise and set times for the sun, moon and planets occur. It is indeed a fantastic creation.

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Stylish is the niche for Twitterrific 5. Even though Tweetbot is truly powerful, Twitterrific 5 has an unique design, with marvellous themes and font and a smooth touch sensation that works great with the Applea��s super-sized latest iPhones. It offers you live streaming, gestural controls, filtering, list management, time-line synchronisation, muting and lots more. It is a very useful app.

4. DAY ONE (A?3.99)
This is an elegant, gorgeously designed app that has many usable features and assures that your content tops the row. Day One a�?The Journaling Appa�� works great with the latest iPhones.
It combines with Share Sheets, Touch ID and a well ordered and up to date Notification Center.

Apple has updated most of its apps to make maximum usage of the latest iPhone displays, and iMovie is definitely one among the most interesting ones. With the wide screen displays allows you to edit videos in more space freely and preview the content in good quality. Not forget one fact that the iPhone6 and iPhone6+ comes with the best quality cameras in the market. This wonderful combination of software and hardware comes in handy any moment. So what are you waiting for? Shoot, Edit, Produce, Share and have lots of fun.