Top 5 apps for iphone 5|6|6+ 4th week of April 2015


After long awaited releases, the 4th week of April comes with something exclusive. The month of April is coming to an end with some interesting apps in the App Store. Our Phonelane Editors have brought you the latest apps of this week, from Periscope to Layout app the App Store is full with some interesting apps. Phonelane editors have put their best efforts in sorting the apps that come handy in use.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

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Everyone must be thinking why there is no such video app from Twitter, but here it is. Periscope has hit the App Store and has created a great first impression. The other alternate Vine app is capable of sharing 6 second looping video clips, whereas Periscope is lets you broadcast videos live from your smart phone to whichever Twitter followers who have interest to tune in. It comes for free in the App Store.


If you have ever wished to get out during night and stare at the beautiful sky, Star Walk 2 is a fantastic app to have with you. This stargazing app helps you identify planets, constellations and satellites by simply pointing your tablet or smart phone at them. It is a wonderful app to gaze at the night sky and break the boredom. It is priced at A?1.96 in the App Store.


Many of you who tune into dance music might know of BeatPort music downloads store already as an alternate for iTunes. Now ita��s upgraded to a new level and ventures into fast streaming which is a very good plus point. BeatPort offers you a exclusive introduction- or an opportunity to explore deep into all kinds of electronic music from its wide class collections. It comes for free in the App Store for Android devices.

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Nuzzel is one such app that is going to take a turn to help you combine or bring together all your social network feeds. Bringing in updates from Facebook and Twitter friends or followers hence you can browse it all together in a single app. Hopefully this app is going to make few changes soon and is expected to take over the other alternatives in a matter of time just like the Whatsapp revolution. Nuzzel can be put into your phone for free from the App Store.


Instagram, Facebooka��s video and photo sharing service alongside has a standalone app. Layout lets you create beautiful collages from multiple selfies and other photos and allows you to share it on both its parents. Layout has an innovative design and is very easy to use. All you got to do is choose your snapshots and then select on a layout from different choices. You can make changes to the images accordingly with special effects. Ita��s surely a simple but creative app that comes at use for an instant use.Layout is at the store for free.

Well, make sure that you have a look at these listed apps from Phonelane before your try out an app from the App Store.