Top 5 Apps For iOS | iPhone 6s for 4th Week October 2015


Apps are very essential for our device to function. They actually increase the value of our apps. In short without apps our devices are useless. We to keep ourselves on the cutting edge of technology by owning the latest apps which are trending in our phones .Over 100 apps are being developed on daily basis and this makes its quite difficult to determine the which one is the best for our phones. Not all the new apps being developed on daily basis are very important or they are best, that’s is why we have a well-researched list of the best apps for you in this 4th week of October.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

1. PocketCause.
This is one of our top most apps in our list. If you love charity and voluntary work then here is the best app for you. This app allows you to connect to various nonprofit organizations where you can give your donations. This is also a two way traffic app since you can also earn causeCash from it. This is when your friends download this app and also start donating after you have invited them. This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.
2. Flok
Here is another amazing app for you to download in this 4th week of October. This app allows you to earn and redeem stamps, track your ongoing reward programs and even store your existing legacy programs. This app was designed in a simple way and all you have to do is collect stamps and scan the QR Code to enter the password of the merchant .This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.
3. Do it (Tomorrow)
This an awesome app designed to function mainly as a reminder. The reminder notifications come in form of cards .It is very simple to use therefore don’t let any event come to pass .Just download this simple reminder in your phone .One reminder is a card therefore the more card you have the more number of reminders you have. This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes play store.
4. IKeeper Mobile.
This is an app that you as a parent you must have. This app restricts and controls the contents you kids are viewing online. This will help them grow up morally upright since they can’t access 18+ contents online such as pornography, violence, hate ,gambling. This app also protects them from cyber bullying .It also helps as a parents to find the location of your children. This app bocks any appropriate sites and allows for safe search of the engines. This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes.
5. Zomato.
This is an amazing app equipped with menus, phone numbers, directions and further information about a certain restaurant. This will allow you to determine the best place to have your meals and dinner. Having a wide list of restaurants and a GPS activation it’s absolutely the best app for you to use whenever you are travelling or you are out. This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes .