Top 5 Apps For iOS | iPhone 6s for 3rd Week October 2015


Apps are very essential in a smartphone since they actually are the one that make a smartphone be very useful in term of uses. App developers always create apps day and night and that’s is why it might be quite hectic to determine the best apps for you. The iTunes provides a hundreds of apps newly released but this doesn’t guarantee that they are the best app of the week. That is why through thorough research on the reviews we have determined the best apps of late for you. Here is our top 5 apps for iOS  3rd week of October.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

1. TagMe AudioChat
This is an amazing app on top of our list for you this October. This app allows you to send voice messages in a group while chatting .You can also tag your friends to specific messages .This actually allows you to communicate instantly with your friends even if you are driving your car or taking a cup of coffee .This app has got amazing features which makes it on top of our list. This app is bought for only $ 0.99 in the iTunes before being downloaded.

2. Zombie Face Make-up
This is one of the funny apps for you in this 3rd week of October. This app allows you to turn your face and even your friend’s face to a zombie .This actually makes you have a lot of fun with your friends .It’s very easy to use this app since the steps are very easy. It has got amazing editing tools and also allows you to share your photo in the social media platform such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.

3. Device 9
This one of the essential apps that you must own in your iOS device. This app allows you to monitor your speed network, ip address, memory size, temperature and data transfer. This allows you to improve the performance of your iOS device. It has got amazing widgets equipped with fantastic graphics. This app is purchased in the iTunes for only $1.99 before being downloaded.

4. Shutter Manual Camera
If you are a photo lover then this is the app to own in your iOS device. This app allows you to capture your best moments in life .Equipped with amazing features such as white balance, focus, exposure and ISO makes it absolutely a stunning app for you. This app is acquired for free in the iTunes store.

5. Little Stories for Little Babies
Are you a mother and you actually have no clue of the perfect bed story to tell your kid then here comes the perfect rescue for you. The little Stories for babies app is an amazing app that has got an amazing collections of literature audio stories for your child. The stories are more engaging and interesting making it perfect for your babies. This app has got 5 best audio stories with high quality sound for your kid. This app is purchased in the iTunes for $4.99 before being downloaded.