Top 5 Apps For iOS | iPhone 6s for 3rd Week November 2015


Apps are very essential for any device to be able to run. As the festive month approaches you actually need to update your phone with the latest apps ever. The app developers have really designed many essential apps for your iOS phone device. The iOS phone is equipped with a very powerful processor and CPU which can enable it to launch and run apps without any problems. There are very many apps in the universe which are newly released but not all of them are the best for your phone. Here is our detailed list of the top best latest apps from all the categories for iOS phone device.

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Top 5 Apps For iOS | iPhone 6s for 3rd Week November 2015

1. Whereto.
This is an amazing app that you must not miss to download in your iOS phone. This app enables you to plan on your hangout joints with your friends. It actually provides a platform for you to discuss with your friends so as to decide on the next place to hangout. It also goes ahead to suggest on the top best place around your location where you can hangout whenever you want to have time with your friends. This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.

One of the most popular apps for school going children. One just has to point the camera on the problem and it will quickly give out the solutions with step by step by solving of the problem. This make doing those difficult to do math problems fun. There are many usage of this wonderful app only waiting for explored further by young energetic minds. Download this app via the Apple Apps Store or by clicking on the App name above.

3. EasiEDD.
This is one of top health apps for your iOS device. This app allows you to determine the day and date an expectant mother ought to delivery. It actually operates on the grounds of using the gestation period and the last menstruation you had. If you are an obstetrician this is absolutely the best app for you to use. It is just downloaded for free in the iTunes store.

4.Xpense Tracker.
Sometimes budgeting always become one of the hectic things to plan to some people and also a good budgeting should ensure better savings. Youi can only have a good saving plan if you can monitor your expense behavior ,that is why the expense track app is very essential in helping you do this .This app will enable you to determine both your daily and monthly expenses .Its downloaded and installed from the iTunes store.

5.Free Logo Maker.
If you really love carrying out graphic designs the designMantic app brings to you an amazing app that will enable you design logos for any organization for free. This app is one of the easiest apps to use that a newbie in logo design can comfortably use it.

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