Top 5 Apps For iOS | iPhone 6s for 2nd Week November 2015


iOS phones are always equipped with a powerful processor making the app developers to come up with an amazing design of the most powerful apps to use. It might be quite hectic to choose the best app for your iOS phone since it requires through research. That is why we have come up with our marvellous list of the best apps to install in your phone. Apps are the most essential components for your phone because without the apps your phones are rendered useless. In this 2nd week of November you must keep your phone up to date by downloading the top amazing apps .Here are the top 5 apps for your iOS phone in this 2nd week of November.

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

1. Step Counter and Calorie Tracker.
This is one of the top health apps for you to download .This apps enable you to determine the walking steps you have made and also tracking the level of your calorie in the blood system. This will just ensure that your body remains fit at all times .This is one of the power effective phones since it does not consume a lot of your power though it is running on a background mode. This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes store of your iPhone device.

2. Fujistu Forum.
If you love the participating in mobile building forums then here is the best app for you to have .This app allows you to get answers to the most bothering questions concerning your phone by posting in the forums .This is a top app that you must own in your phone .This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.

3. Bookappisodes.
This an amazing app that allows you to read the most engaging and interactive eBooks for free .This app also gives you an opportunity to share your favourite eBooks on the social media platforms such as :twitter, Instagram ,Pinterest, Facebook etc. This is one of the highly rated apps that is downloaded for free in the iTunes.

4. Place It.
This app allows you to have a view of the most luxurious cities and sceneries to visit as the festive season approaches. This is one of the top apps equips with the GPS navigation and direction to those places .This app also allows you to share the places with your friends over the social media platform such as: Facebook, twitter and even Pinterest. This one of the highly rated apps that is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.

5. River City Massage.
This is an amazing app that is linked to your Facebook account so as to allow you to view your latest updates and even the photos of the latest massage service near you. It also gives out the direction to the nearest spar where you can be given quality services. This is one of the latest apps that is highly rated in the iTunes store. Ita��s downloaded for free.